Nikolaevna Magatyrov

Russia • 1950−1992

Gopies. He graduated from the far Eastern Institute of arts. Lived in Yakutia. Participant of exhibitions in the region. "Soviet far East" (Chita, 1980; Vladivostok, 1985; Yakutsk, 1990), resp. "We are building BAM" (Ulan-Ude, Leningrad, Ulan Bator, 1979), "Artists of Russia – BAM" (Chita, 1984-1985), prod. artists ed. Rep., region. and n. d. RSFSR (Moscow, 1989). Solo exhibition.

The work of M. – Th. hood. the Museum REP. Of Sakha (Yakutia), the Directorate of exhibitions of the photography. Fund of the Russian Federation.

(Source: encyclopedia)

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