Yakovlevich Magdeyan

Russia • 1857−1908

Seascape painter. In 1892 Graduated from St. Petersburg art Academy, received the title of "artist". In the same year arrived in Feodosia and began to cooperate with the I. K. Aivazovsky in his workshop, and then settled in Simferopol. Of the paintings the best known are: "Pending recovery", "Night on the Black sea", "Storm", "Morning", "Rock of Pushkin", "Noon", "Sail in a choppy sea", etc. is Considered a follower of the school Aivazovsky. A number of works shown in art galleries of Yerevan, Simferopol. "Shipwrecked"

Studied at Feodosia in art workshops, open I. Aivazovsky, where young artists worked first drawing from the originals, with nature, and then wrote oil paints. The work of gifted students I. K. Aivazovsky represented in the Council of the Academy of arts.

Thanks to the assistance of the seascape in Magdesian he entered the St. Petersburg Academy of arts in 1877 Received during the training period of the coin: in 1886 - a small consolation; in 1888 - a big incentive. After graduating from the course (in 1892) with the title of class artist, the young painter returned to Feodosia, where for several years he worked under the direction of I. K. Aivazovsky. His work of E. J. Mahdesian devoted to the image of the Black sea.

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