Appolonovich Maikov

Russia • 1794−1873

Biography and information

Father of Apollo , Valerian and Leonid of Maykov. The son of the Director of the Imperial theatres; he was educated in Saint-Petersburg 2-m cadet corps. Wounded at Borodino, was dismissed for a cure in the Yaroslavl his father the estate; there was a self-taught artist to practice drawing, which has not ceased to engage in and return to the army. In Paris took up oil paints and wanted to go to Italy, but, obeying his father's will, returned to Russia, he retired and settled in Moscow. Putting up and sketches from nature, moved to Petersburg, where he gained the favor of Nicholas I . On behalf of the Emperor Mike has written a series of images for the churches of the Holy Trinity, in Izmailovo regiment, brought him, in 1835, the title of academician of the image for the small iconostasis of St. Isaac's Cathedral, over the execution which worked for about 10 years (later they were found inconvenient to reproduce the mosaic and replaced with the originals by other artists, partly converted from the compositions Maikov). Doing work for different Metropolitan and provincial temples, Mike has devoted his leisure to the images of female heads and naked beauties (his "Resting bather" in Elginskom Palace). Mention should be made of the ceiling and the medallions in the house of Princess Yusupova, on Liteyny Prospekt, Petrograd. In the Museum of Alexander III , in the Tretyakov gallery and in the Rumyantsev Museum - a number of his portraits (including the portrait of the father). Mike has not passed a serious art schools, but the flavor was not deprived of strength, harmony and grace.