Danilovich Maikovsky

Russia • 1885−1963

Painter. Born in Romny, now Sumy region. He graduated from KCU (1910) and the painting Department of the Moscow school of painting, where he studied with K. Korovin, L. Pasternak and A. Arkhipov. Worked as an artist of theatre in Kiev and Moscow. In 1915 he moved to Turkey in 1920 in the Kingdom of CXC (Serbs, Croats and Slovenes). In 1944 – 1951, lived in Austria, then moved to Belgium. He taught drawing in the public schools. Held solo exhibitions in split (1922, 1927, 1930, 1937), Sarajevo (1930), Belgrade (1934, 1936), Ljubljana (1935, 1940), Zagreb (1935, 1939). Participated in group exhibitions, including – in a Large exhibition of Russian art in Belgrade (1930). Wrote seascapes and views of the old fishing villages on the Adriatic coast, at least – portraits and still lifes.

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