Aleksandrovich Makarov

Russia • 1790−1862

Biography and information

A graduate of the Arzamas art school of A. V. Stupin, arrived there in 1816 (as a student was listed in 1821) of the serfs of the landowner D. P. Gorikhvostov, landlord's own theatre in Penza. Was a leading master in the execution of A. V. Stupin scenic contract work. According to the memoirs of V. E. Rayev, "his Stupin hired to write iconography. Makarov had a practice in paint (in their preparation - note N.Filatova), wrote soon and well, I know the future."

In 1825 presented at the Academy of arts "of the city of Arzamas" was awarded with silver medal I of dignity. In 1826, freed from serfdom. In 1828 organized in Saransk art school, the building where you built your Costa Trustee County schools A. A. Nechaev, highlighting each year the money for its maintenance.

K. A. Makarov performed numerous iconographic contracts in the five neighboring counties, as he recalled, was the "architect and carpenter, and painter". The Academy highly appreciated the contribution of the Saransk school of art education of Russia, in 1845, gave her a set of casts from the antique statues of Apollo, Venus Meditsinskoy, the head of Jupiter, Achilles, and others. In 1847, K. A. Makarov gave the Academy of fine arts his painting "Peasant girl, engaged in the toilet", as well as drawings of the pupil of Vasily Umnov, obtained for them the title of an art teacher County schools. In 1852, K. A. Makarov got the same titles for students in Nikolaev and A. D. Kudryavtseva. The last two years will receive from the Academy of fine arts certificate of a free artist.

Died K. A. Makarov 25 Nov 1862, transferring school management to his son Nicholas (who graduated from the Academy of fine arts in 1858).

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