Mikhailovich Makovsky

Russia • born in 1870

Student of the Academy of Arts from 1899 to 1903; 31 Oct 1903 - the title of the artist for the painting "Autumn morning". (Kondakov)

Was born in Kiev. In the 1980s he studied at KRS to them. N. Murashko, where at that time served pre H. Platonov, N. Pimonenko, V. Seleznyov. After leaving school he took an active part in Kiev art exhibitions as a landscape painter. One of the most significant works of this period – painting "Compressed field", which was exhibited in 1890. In 1899 – 1903 he studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of arts. He received the title of artist for the painting "Autumn morning" (1903). Member of the Kiev Islands for the promotion of arts and society of teachers of drawing in St. Petersburg. One of the few surviving works of the artist, "Portrait of Shevchenko", in the technique of the Italian pencil drawing, is in the State Museum of Taras Shevchenko.

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