Ivanovich Makovsky

Russia • 1802−1886

The father of the artists Alexandra, Vladimir, Konstantin, Nikolai Makovsky. He served in the Palace office accountant. Art activist, one of the founders of the Moscow Art class (1833), converted in 1843 in MUZHV. Honorary member of the IChO. Amateur artist, painted miniatures on ivory, was engaged in drawing. Collector. In his collection were paintings by Russian artists, antique prints, German, French, English, Italian masters. Was fond of music, he took lessons from guitarist I. V. Bogdanov. The house Makovsky, who in 1830-1850-e a center of artistic life in Moscow, gathered artists, musicians, actors, writers. Friends Makovsky was K. P. Bryullov, V. A. Tropinin, S. K. Zaryanko.

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