Andreevich Maksimov

Russia • born in 1923

Born in 1923, Smolensk region, Gagarin district. Fought as a partisan, then the 3rd Belorussian front. Awarded the order "Patriotic war 2nd degree", medal for the Victory in the great Patriotic war and other medals, 18 medals. In 1950 entered the Moscow art. school "Memory of 1905" In 1965 he graduated from the evening Department of drawing and painting at the Moscow GOV't. khudozh. Institute. V. I. Surikov. Accepted as a member of the Union of artists in Moscow in 1980. In 1972 the cooperation with the editorial Board of the journal "Hunter" as an Illustrator of magazine and freelance correspondent. Work in the plant Diorama - layout and artwork. 1982-94. work in kzhi. Since 1960 participates in art exhibitions. Awarded the honorary diploma of the hunting club in Moscow and a diploma of Rosohotrybolovsouz, honorary member of the Military-hunting society, an excellent specialist in the field of animal genre. Works in the genre of lyrical landscape, still life, portrait and genre paintings. Works are in museums in our country and abroad in private collections.

(Source: website of the Moscow Union of artists)

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