Svyatoslavovich Malevsky-Malevich

Russia • 1905−1973

Painter. From 1920 he lived in exile. He studied at Belgrade University, then at the Sorbonne. Closer to Eurasians, which influence on his Outlook. In 1926 he married Z. A. Shakhovskoy and his wife moved to Belgium, got Belgian nationality, 1942-47, for the Dipl. service. After the war, traveled extensively, studied painting. In 1956-57 once again to the dipple.the service was 1st Secretary. the Belgian Embassy in Moscow. 1958 and several times exhibited in Paris, Brussels and new York. Paintings in the spirit of post-impressionism.

(21.2.1905, Petersburg - 5.6.1973, Paris), painter. Father - Svyatoslav Andreevich graduated from the Nicholas cavalry school in 1917 in the rank of state Councilor was the business Manager of the "Noble land Bank" in Petrograd. Mother - Lyudmila Matveevna (born. Derozhinskaya) - landowner from the province of Bessarabia. Elementary education M.-M. has received in the Tenishev school in St. Petersburg. In 1920 was evacuated with his father from Feodosiya to Yugoslavia. In 1920-22 he studied at the don cadet corps, after which he enrolled in the University of Belgrade. He later moved to Paris. He studied at the physico-chemical Department of the Sorbonne, attended the Academy of Gular and "La grande chaumifere". Then a cousin of M. M. P. Malevsky - introduced him to prominent figures of Eurasianism, including L. by Karsavina, by B. Vysheslavtsev to have a significant impact on his Outlook. In 1926 he married Princess Z. Shakhovskoy in Paris. Together with his wife moved to Belgium. Because of unemployment in Europe, having only refugee "Nansen" passport, was forced to accept work in the Belgian Congo (1927-28). Then returned to Brussels, was in charge of 1929-39 the Department of scientific documentation in the consortium Ugra-Marie. Together with his wife received the Belgian nationality. With the beginning of the 2nd world war he volunteered in the battalion of the air defence of Belgium (1939). Not recognizing the signed truce with Germany, he traveled to France (Dunkerque). In 1942 he was demobilized from the army, he obtained a position at the Belgian Embassy in London from 1945, he worked at the Belgian Embassy in Bern (Switzerland), In 1947 he retired, traveled extensively, painting: landscape in the spirit of post-impressionism of the early twentieth century, abstract composition. However, in 1956, again for a short time, returned to service and worked as the 1st Secretary of the Embassy of Belgium in Moscow. Participated in the preparation and conduct of a retrospective exhibition of Belgian art at the Museum of fine arts..Pushkin. Continued to paint. On his return from the USSR entirely devoted himself to painting. Became interested in the works of Nicholas de Stael. Personal exhibition of M. M. was held in Paris (gallery "du Vieux Colombier", 1958, "Stibel", 1961, "Andre Maurice", 1963); in Brussels (gallery "Ruben", 1961): new York (gallery "Norval", 1961). His work has been sold in many galleries and private collections of Paris, Zurich, Geneva, new York. From 1964 M.-M. stopped painting in 1973, died suddenly of a heart attack. The posthumous retrospective exhibition of M. M. was held in 1990 at the Paris gallery of Basmajian.

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