Pavlovich Maltsev

Italia • born in 1881

Emigre artist. A graduate of the Imperial Academy of arts, a student of I. Repin. Received the award of Art Academy to study abroad in Italy, where he became the First world war. Was commissioned to decorate the Russian Catholic Church of St. Anthony in Rome, and executed in accordance with tradition. Was the author of the project of the iconostasis for the temple, wrote the icons. His sketches were made set of priestly vestments. As a result of acquaintance with the Russian Jesuits by FR Side had converted to Catholicism. Brush G. Maltsev is also a portrait of a Russian Catholic Exarch and swedenlithuania O. Leonid Fedorov. (Biographical information provided by the hegumen Rostislav (Kolupaeva).

November 1, 1913 received the title of artist for the painting "SV. Alexey, Metropolitan of Moscow, the Golden Horde heals the blind Hanshi Titulu". (Kondakov)

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