Solomonovich Mandel

Russia • 1907−1974

Biography and information

Graduated from Kyiv art Institute (1931). The artist-Director. Worked in various theaters. From 1933 he worked in Leningrad, 1952 — the chief artist of the Leningrad theater. Lenin Komsomol. At the same time designed productions at other theatres, variety and circus programs. Laureate of the State prize of the USSR (1948 — for the participation in the film "Russian question").

Honored. worker of arts of RSFSR (1969). He graduated from the Kiev art. in-t (1931). Worked in t-pax, 1931 - various. K.-St. country. Designed and participated in the formulation of K.-f. "The way of the ship" (1935), "girl in a hurry for a date" (1936), "My love" (1940), "the Musical story (1940), "Anton Ivanovich is angry" (1941), "the First glove" (1947), the "Russian question" (1948), "tiger girl" (1955), etc the winner of the St. St. (1948).

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