Mikhailovich Manelis

Russia • 1945−2015

Biography and information

Born 7 Nov 1945 in Kulyab, Tajikistan.
Member of the St. Petersburg branch of the Union of artists of Russia, section of applied and decorative arts.
A graduate of the Department of ceramics and glass industrial art to them. V. I. Mukhina(1975).

By the 1970s Yu. Manelis occupied a leading position in the environment "glaziers". He immediately stood out for its inventiveness, wit, intelligence, talent.
In the early 1990s, there was quite a sharp change of material work, he replaced the glass on the paint, causing all other changes in the work.
Unlike many imitators of foreign manners and styles the artist has developed his own handwriting.
Speaking specifically about his manner of painting, in its spatial compositions you can always find something of the East and yet surreal.
It is often abstract-partitioning the volumes and strokes, but sometimes many lines and fluid moving spots develop fantastic silhouettes.
In the nineties, Yuri worked in a private firm organized, together with his brother Vladimir-"the Brothers Manelisi".
In 1997 was established a stained glass workshop", Manelis" , which still adorn the interiors of many bars, hotels, office buildings,apartments and private homes.
The stained glass Windows of Monalisa are in many St. Petersburg restaurants:
"Saint Petersburg", "Fortecia", "Kronverk", "Vienna", "flora", "Senate bar", "Count Suvorov".
Knowledge and skills Yuri Monalisa amaze and delight: gouache, tempera, acrylic, oil,painting on glass and steel, mosaic and enamel, optical glass and engraving,electroplating, lamps, stained glass...
This amazing man, with youth like no one else,
like free from the influence of teachers and authority, remained so until the end of his days.
Almost every part of his work – originality of composition, special,no stereotypes, look at decorative arts and painting.
Yuri lived a life in works: for the soul and to order.
According to his friends –he was successful, paintings and art objects were quickly sold to buyers.
Yuri himself did not always have time even to take pictures. Innovative approach to any task:from portraits to stained glass, attracted customers.
In 2009 the publishing house "Marathon" released the album of the artist "Yuri Manelis.From Suprematism to Re-Ceptualize"
(author of introductory article Thank Len).

Participation in exhibitions:
1988-Personal exhibition together with A. by Zadorina.
The Leningrad Union of artists. Leningrad;
1989-Russian and Soviet art glass. The State Hermitage Museum.Leningrad;
1990-Russian glass 17-20 VV. Museum of glass.
Corning. USA;
1990 Soviet glass. Ebeltoft. Denmark;
1992-Solo exhibition.
Russian mu zei decorative
applied and folk art.
1992-Solo exhibition. Gallery "Artmodern".

Works are:
The State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia
State Historical Museum, Moscow, Russia
The state Museum of ceramics, Kuskovo, Russia
All-Russian Museum of decorative-applied and folk art, Moscow, Russia
The Sergiev Posad state history and art Museum-reserve, Russia
The state Museum of history of Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Omsk regional Museum of fine arts. M. A. Vrubel
Kaliningrad regional art gallery, Russia
The Novgorod Museum of history and art, Russia
Art Museum Of Lviv, Ukraine
Museum, Sumy, Ukraine
Corning Museum, USA
Sydney Museum, Australia

Died September 28, 2015.