Alexandrovich Markichev

Russia • 1881−1954

Biography and information

Born November 22 (December 3), 1880, in Palekh. Hereditary icon painter. From 1896 he studied at the School of painting, sculpture and architecture in Moscow. In 1909 he worked in the workshop of V. A. Serov and K. A. Korovin. Painted Embassy Church of the mother of God in Sofia (Bulgaria). In 1917 he graduated from the Academy of arts in Petrograd. In 1919 he worked for the protection of monuments of art, painted agitation trains. In 1925-1932, he worked in the Artel of ancient painting. Died 22 Nov 1954, buried in Moscow.

Themes of works: folklore, literature. Participant of exhibitions since 1925. M. A. Maricheva are stored in museums: the State Museum of Palekh art, the State Russian Museum.

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