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Vasilyevich Markov

Russia • 1926−1988

Biography and information

(1926, Kharkov – 1988, Kharkov)

In 1948 he graduated from the art Council of trade unions (teachers G. Rajani and P. P. Sokolov-Skal). Since 1949 a member of the Moscow Association of artists, and in 1961 joined the Union of artists of the USSR. Participant of all-Union and Republican art exhibitions since 1954.

Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

He was born March 5, 1926 in Kharkov in a family of economists. In the late 30-ies of the Markov family moved to Poltava, where three years, the future artist attended a paid Studio. In 1942 his father died in Leningrad, and his mother died in 1943 in the city of Sochi where the family was during the occupation. Leonid was then 16 years old and his sister 14.

In 1945 they move to Moscow to his uncle Leonid V. Markov, who held a major post in national healthcare. Young Markov resolutely refused the support of a powerful relative, and got a job at a Shoe factory to feed himself and his sister. In the same year he entered the art room of the all program which is different from the Surikov Institute only by the fact that she was a year shorter at the expense of General subjects. At that time the Studio was led by K. F. Yuon, and taught there such acknowledged masters as H. G. Ryazhskaya, G. A. Sretenskaya, S. N. Musatov, D. M. Osipov, B. P. Korotkov, and academician P. P. Sokolov-Skal, who not only had a great impact on the work of L. V. Markova, but also took an active part in his life, encouraging him in 1951. in the Moscow Association of artists, and later giving him an excellent recommendation for entry into the Union of Soviet artists. Since 1961. L. V. Markov a full member of the Union.

Regular exhibition activity of L. V. Markova began with a Youth exhibition in Moscow, held in 1954, where he exhibited his painting "Thaw," which critics unanimously recognized "the continuation of traditions of Russian realistic art" and of which the eminent academician V. P. Efanov said: "Though he was not a member of the artists Union, Yes even though he is the pioneer will be, but this kind of work can be anywhere to exhibit".

Since that time, L. V. Markov becomes a party to almost all the spring and autumn, all-Union, Republican and regional exhibitions, annual exhibitions devoted to victory in world war II, all the exhibitions organized by the Foundation of the world, the Industrial Commission of the Union, participating in exhibitions in Japan, Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Lebanon, the Philippines.

More than 20 years, L. V., Markov taught at the Palace of culture.With.P.Gorbunova and brought up not one generation of artists. Many of his students graduated from the art schools and become members of the Union of artists.

In private collections his works are in all the countries listed above, as well as in Russia, the UK and the USA.