Andreevna Marz

Russia • born in 1959

Biography and information

Was born in Moscow. She was born 30 Jun 1959 in Moscow. Grew up in an artistic environment. Father sculptor A. V. Martz. In 1982 he graduated from the art faculty of the Moscow polygraphic Institute, studied with the famous painter Dmitry Zhilinsky. Since 1979 began to exhibit at the youth, and then in almost all important exhibitions in Moscow. Works were exhibited at exhibitions in Italy, France, Norway, England, Germany, Spain, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Turkey. Participant First exhibition of artists of the Russian Germans in 1991, the exhibition "Art of Russian Germans" in the Museum of decorative-applied and folk art in 1992 in Moscow, the group exhibition "German artists of Russia" in düsseldorf, Berlin, Munich in 1992. In 1995 participated in the exhibition "Portrait of Moscow". Member of the Union of artists since 1986. Works are in private collections in Russia, Norway, England, Germany, France.

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