Lukyanovich Maslov

Russia • born in 1940

In Balakovo, where he arrived in 1969, the future Director of the art school Vladimir Lukyanovich Maslov, was rapid construction. Eyes was a young modern city.

Maslov recalls: "I Had an impression that all Balakovo goes to construction helmets: red, white, yellow... and in a lot of mud". Even then the verses of the people went: "don't go, mom, I'm on dirt, dirt in Balakovo – the dam!" The situation of the global constructs to the culture had little. In such difficult conditions Vladimir Lukyanovich along with arrived from Saratov Valentin ZADOROZHNY has initiated the establishment of art schools....

Vladimir Lukyanovich Maslov now lives and works in Saratov, where he heads the art school. And his brainchild – the Balakovo art school has survived against all odds and continues to work, opening all new and new talents.

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