Stanislavovich Matskevicius

Lithuania • born in 1911

Born in Siauliai. Soviet painter, people's artist of the Lithuanian SSR (1963). A member of the Communist party of Germany (1933-35). Member of the CPSU since 1948.

He studied at the Kaunas art school (1928-35) Yu Vienozinskio, V. Digicasa, P. Kalpokas and C. Sclerus and Paris (1938-39) W. Guerin.

Member (since 1933), the underground revolutionary movement, Matskyavichyus has done political cartoons for illegal satirical magazine "Shluota" ("Broom").

He teaches at the Art Institute of the Lithuanian SSR in Vilnius (1945; 1954 Professor, rector 1953).

In the 2nd half of 1940-ies - early 1950-ies the work of Mackevicius has played an important role in the development of the Lithuanian art themed paintings. State prize of the Lithuanian SSR (1970). Works: "the year 1919 in Lithuania" (1957), "Insurgents of 1863" (1963), "light of the world" (1969) - all in Hudojestvennom the Museum of the Lithuanian SSR, Vilnius; "oak Alinghi" (1973).

Awarded the order of the October Revolution and 2 other orders.

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