Germany • 1480−1538
By Altdorfer Albrecht (it. Albrecht Altdorfer; approx. 1480, Regensburg — 14.02.1538, Regensburg) Bavarian painter, author of paintings, engravings historical and religious themes. Was one of the most famous representatives of the Danube school and its head. Created their work using the technique of woodcut, also his legacy includes other types of prints. One of the first masters began to do etchings.

Works created in the early years of art by Altdorfer, did not survive. In the Mature period by Altdorfer, Albrecht was the author, who has found his unique and distinctive style. Simple feelings, attitudes of people without embellishments, from the point of view of "sober burgher" look, are combined in the works of masters with some romance, poetry stories. In his hometown by Altdorfer, Albrecht became a popular architect, he was also awarded the title of honorary citizen. In his current position, he designs several buildings, in addition, in the creative heritage of the master, there are detailed interiors, views of churches, public buildings.

Features of works by Altdorfer Albrecht completely revealed in one of his works from among those who survived, — "rest on the flight to Egypt", 1510, Here the simple story is woven into an unusual fairy-tale atmosphere. The action itself flows near the fountain with intricate sculptures. In the water swim angels. Little Jesus, sitting on Maria's hands, reaching in their direction. Joseph in the image of a middle-aged peasant wife holds a basket of berries. The background of the canvas is a landscape, full of a number of small details. Such a landscape is and imagination of the author and displays his knowledge of life.

Paintings of Alfred by Altdorfer full of imagination, of poetic. His work produces a magical impression, being rich in diverse content; the characters of his works, and landscapes designed with equal love, care, very reasonable. Master have differentiated interests in the works: he was a talented painter, engraver; in addition to traditional religious, turned to the allegorical explanation of mythology. An important place in his legacy belongs to the image of nature.

In 1511, the artist took a trip along the Danube and the Alps, and since then the beauty of the area has strengthened his love for the landscape. The best works by Altdorfer Albrecht – those where the most important place is given to the landscapes. The artist builds an intricate spatial composition, skillfully using day and night lighting. The work of the painter of the "Battle of Alexander" proves a tendency of the master to detail, panoramic perspective.

Famous paintings of Alexander by Altdorfer: the magnificent "the Battle of Alexander", "Rest on the flight into Egypt," "Christ on the cross" and many others.

Making of the master

The formation of Alberta by Altdorfer as an artist remains to us in many moments of the unknown. I suppose that he was influenced by the early Cranach, leaders of circle of Pacher; needless to say, large value had contact with the works, the personality of the great dürer. However, even in the early works of the author appeared as a distinctive personality. This is an artist with an unusual, excited and full of romantic vision, bargain endowed with a rich imagination, a gift of a colorist.

The artist's father, Ulrich, was also involved in painting, but none of his works are not saved. Most likely just the father and gave the initial lessons of the young Albrecht. Such a hypothesis is unfounded for the reason that a brother of the painter Erhard was also an artist.

In 1499, family of albert by Altdorfer moved to another town but in 1505, the artist returned to Regensburg. In 1500 he overcomes the initial stages to mastery: this time include the engravings destined to the Abbey of Mondsee. In 1510, the artist creates the first significant work — the "Forest landscape with the battle of St. George".

The continuation of the life of a creative way

In 1519 by Altdorfer, Albrecht was elected to the Grand Council of the native of Regensburg, in this period of time he wrote "the Birth of the virgin Mary."

In 1529 the artist has appointed a leading architect of Regensburg. At this stage, Albrecht devotes a lot of time painting, though executed to the order of William IV "Battle of Alexander".

In 1535 the master got acquainted with the paintings of Italy, whose influence is noticeable in the artistic paintings of the baths of the Emperor, "Lot and his daughters."
The great Albrecht by Altdorfer died in 1538.

By Altdorfer, Albrecht — master of prints

Albrecht often worked in the technique of engraving, making them on wood and copper. For example, there is a wizard in this technique, which he dedicated to the landscape genre. Noteworthy are also the colorful works on wood, printed with different boards, for example, "Madonna". In the later period of his career, by Altdorfer Albrecht turned to etchings: his beautiful landscapes in this technique, which distinguish the light, delicate texture.
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