Yakovlevich Medvedev

Russia • born in 1940

Painter, honored artist of the Chuvash Republic.

Born in the village of Novo–Torial Novotor district of the Republic of Mari El.

Worked as a teacher of drawing and sketching, artist, designer, Cheboksary plant of electrical appliances, a lecturer, currently the Professor of painting of art–graphic faculty of the Chuvash state pedagogical University. I. Yakovlev (now Chuvash state pedagogical University. I. Yakovlev).

“...V. Medvedev was always in the thick of the creative ideas and innovations of our time, wrote his works on themes that are highly relevant and exciting people. The main part of the landscape works dedicated to ... the Cheboksary, the ancient and new city, inextricably linked to its historical appearance. Some already call the artist singer Cheboksary antiquity, a master of the historical landscape Objective reality, expressed simply and clearly, as a criterion of skill – that is the position, which implements their creativity V. Medvedev...”. (A. Grigoriev ).

Major works: “racing”,“”, “Overcast”, “Autumn rainbow”, “Old town”, “spring is Coming“, “February sun”, etc.

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