Paulus Potter (niderl. Paulus Pieterszoon Potter; baptized 20 Nov 1625, Enkhuizen — buried on 17 January 1654, Amsterdam) was a Dutch painter.

Paulus studied at the workshop of his father, artist Peter Simons, and Jakob de Ordering and possibly Pieter Lastman and Claes Muerta. In 1646 joined the Delft Guild of St. Luke. About 1649 g he lived in the Hague, where he also became a member of the Guild artists. In 1652 he married adriana Buoy Ante, Paulus Potter returned to Amsterdam, where his mentor was Dr. Nicholas Tulp. The artist died at the age of 29 from tuberculosis.

The first works of the artist dated 1641 His work covers 130 paintings, mostly landscapes with a detailed picture of the Pets in the meadows, genre paintings and scenes of hunting. Worldwide fame Paulus Potter provided his images of animals. The most famous is the big picture "Young bull", which is now in the Mauritshuis Museum in the Hague.

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