Lvovich Meinkin

Russia • 1892−1942

Biography and information

Graduated from the Central school of technical drawing Stieglitz. Since 1919 worked in the academic theatres of Petrograd as an artist-performer, 1926 — in Paris at theatre Baliyeva and Grand Opera.

His first film "the Girl from distant river" appeared on the screen in the spring of 1928. Since then for 14 years he was a painter ( only, or in collaboration with others) for another 28 films. He worked constantly. It can be found in the workshop, which was the visual side of the new film and where were born the new sketches of the scenery. It can be found in the pavilion of the Studio where they built the props, to the wardrobe, where she prepared costumes for the main characters. Saw him at a meeting with the Director and in the dressing room, where he had time to remind ready to shoot the actress about the rules of etiquette in aristocratic ball the beginning of the 1 century. He was everywhere. So with him so willingly worked the most different Directors, making films of different genres.

He had a brilliant start. After meeting on his first film with a novice Director Evgeny Chervyakov and the young operator Svyatoslav Belyaev, he entered into friendly creative team who made a very poetic work. The desire to be filled with poetry observed and three of the film of the same team: "My son", "Golden beak" and "Cities and years". Fellow filmmakers, critics and film critics talking about the appearance in the Soviet cinema, a kind of lyrical, poetic direction.

Of the later works of the artist are of considerable interest, the movies "youth of the poet"(1937) about the Lyceum years of Pushkin, "Enemies" (1938) on the play by M. Gorky , "the Great citizen"(1938-1939) wide canvas of life in the country in 20-30 years.

A special place in the artist's work and the entire national cinema is a film adaptation of the drama by M. Yu Lermontov's "Masquerade" is surprisingly subtle, deeply personal life page Lermontov's characters and atmosphere of the time. It was the last work of the artist who participated in the film, which was awaited by the whole country, ready to celebrate 15 July 1941 100th anniversary of the poet's death.

The official delivery of the film was scheduled for 22 June 1941. The attack of the fascist troops canceled the visit to the Studio of the State Commission themselves Lermontov celebration. The film was released to the audience in late autumn in a limited edition.

And in Leningrad at this time, the fourth pavilion of the film Studio "Lenfilm", standing for a few months unsorted the decorations of aristocratic Petersburg, built in the spring by artist Simon Mancini for the film "Masquerade", is a hospital for remaining in the city lepilova. Among them were a great artist of national art cinema, the author of these buildings. There he died in early January 1942.

(the author - D. ivaneev)

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