Seifatovich Mendagaliev

Russia • born in 1954

Biography and information

Born in 1954 in the village of Kamishak.

In 1979 — 1983 he studied at the AHU to them. Vlasov , in 1985 he moved to Leningrad.

In 1985 — 1987 holodnik works in the Studio of A. V. Kondratyev

From the circle of disciples Kondratieff soon emerged a group of 'Nomads'. It was called so from the fact that artists often had to roam the resettled homes in search of new shops for yourself.

However, themselves artists in their paintings sought to reflect the archetypal status, the archaic motifs and all this with increased wild expression.

Since 1987, Mendygaliev is a permanent participant of various exhibitions in Leningrad and abroad. To his credit, is about 60 exhibitions.

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