Maryevich Mechev

Russia • 1929−2018

Schedule. Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR. Honored Artist of the RSFSR.


The work of M.M.Mechyov was marked by Pope John_Pavl II with the silver medal of the Pontificate "For Humanism and Achievements in Art". The creator of engravings for the Karelian-Finnish national epic "Kalevala", illustrations for the monument of ancient Russian literature - "The Tale of Bygone Years", as well as the four canonical Gospels.

Born in Moscow. graphic artist, illustrator, landscape painter. Full member of the Russian Academy of Arts, People's Artist of Russia, Honored Artist of the KASSR (1957). Winner of the State Prize. I.E. Repin (1972), winner of the bronze medal of Elias Lennrot, a large silver medal of the Government of Finland, a silver medal of the Roman pontificate "For Humanism and Achievements in Art" (1993). Honorary citizen of the Republic of Karelia (2009), honorary foreign member of the Kalevala society (Finland). Author of 50 solo exhibitions in Russia, Finland, Czech Republic, UK, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, New Zealand. Writer.

The son of the artist K. Panteleev-Kireev and the teacher M. Mecheva, who named the child

in honor of the International Youth Day and gave him the name and patronymic

Mother - in honor of the emancipation of women.

Studying at the Moscow Higher School of Industrial Art (1945 - 1947), Müd Mechev took third place in the All-Union competition for the best illustrations of the Karelian-Finnish epic “Kalevala”. By 1956 (the first edition of Kalevala) created more than two hundred watercolors and ink drawings, ten of which were acquired by the Tretyakov Gallery. From 1967 to 1975 he worked on the second version of the illustrations in a new technique of plastic engraving. This version of Kalevala was widely known and sustained many reprints in Russian and Finnish languages. From 1975 to 1990, Mechev created illustrations (also in engraving techniques) for The Tale of Bygone Years, the result of his next fifteen-year work was 1000 copies of the Gospel silver folio with 264 graphic illustrations.

In 1989, Mechev's autobiographical novel Portrait of a Hero was published in Petrozavodsk. The artist's works, in addition to the State Tretyakov Gallery, are in ROSIZO, the Museum of Fine Arts of Karelia, the State Kremlin Palace, the Russian Culture Foundation,

in other museums of Russia and abroad, as well as in the collection of the US Library of Congress, the Vatican Assembly, the Eero Rantanen Foundation, the Finnish National Bank's collection, in many private collections.

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