Semenovich Migal

Russia • born in 1934

Painter-monumentalist. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.
Artist Ben Migal - impressionist
"Belarusian MONET"
Benjamin Migal (1934-2006)

During the collapse of the Soviet Union, artist muralist Migal Benjamin, like many, loses orders that were previously entered through the Union of Artists, through the Art Fund, which provided the artist with the work.
It was a difficult period in his life: a man not used to sitting idly by, finds no outlet for your talent, loses the meaning of life and, as a consequence, begins to drink excessively... He is not old and could work, but not young enough to start all over again.
At this time, the artist's daughter, Marina asks his father to study painting, convinced that he is going to do just great. He is primarily a painter and painting was his first calling. But there was uncertainty, because the artist is not touching a brush for over 30 years.
It's not just - at the age of 63 years, again as in his youth to leave with a sketchbook to the streets. At the time Migal summer and autumn spent in Zaslavl, in the house, which the artist with his wife not long ago bought.
Painting the first years, Benjamin needs the support of the daughter. Marina did not doubt the truth of this decision, the talent of the father was seen in his first paintings. All these paintings are submitted to your home Council are discussed, the main thing for him - again and again to hear from his daughter that he was on the right path, that painting is his vocation.
Gradually, the artist comes not only confidence, but a need. It's everywhere, and especially in trips, concentrating on his work. Painting becomes the meaning of his life, the artist finds himself. With each new work he enthusiastically and boldly experimenting.
The palette becomes more bright and colourful;
Smear — a wide, free, transmitting the profundity of the living breathing life.

Defines his style of writing is like the impressionist Benjamin Migal wrote his works outdoors, EN plein air, from the whole picture, then not modifying it in the workshop.
The space of his paintings are imbued with light, filled with air.
For the artist it is not important what is depicted on the canvas, but it is important as well.
"Accident" is the chosen moment, is not remarkable, everyday story, nothing stands out among previous and subsequent, in his paintings especially emphasized by the composition. Composition for him is the most important drawn to perfection the moment. Thousands of sketches and visualizing how this plot can be executed. This preparatory work is invisible, it happens in his head before he takes brush in hand. Therefore, the "Random" selected, not random.
Black and white is replaced by color modeling. The contours of the depicted
losing clarity, as if dissolved in the medium of light.
Acquiring the skill for Benjamin Migal becomes not very important, what is the theme of his paintings. The artist of the unending stream of life chooses only a fleeting fragment, trying to convey the freshness of the experience to give the viewer a particular feeling that he is a witness of all that is happening now is that every moment of life can be full of poetry and artistic value.
So there his first masterpieces- "Frosty day", "River Usha", "First snow", "Chrysanthemum".......
Experimenting, Benjamin makes his painting more and more different from the academic, both technically and conceptually.
First he refuses to loop, replacing it with small separate and contrasting strokes. He focuses on the surface flow of the moment, the mood, lighting, or angle of view.
And we together with the artist can see in his paintings, as sunlight penetrates into every stroke into its component colors.
The main colors used by the artist
purple, blue, cyan, green, yellow, orange, red. But since blue — kind of blue, their number is reduced to six. The artist completely abandons the black.
The two laid next to contrasting colors reinforce each other and, on the contrary, when mixed, they lose intensity.
The artist loved to work in Poland. Coming back to daughter, he enthusiastically sought the motives for their work, wandering through the Park and the old streets of Gdansk.
Benjamin Migal chose to work is not always some secluded quiet place. He saw the state of nature could bring in the most crowded place. There is Benjamin put the sketchbook and worked, not paying attention to the "onlookers" who were watching this process with bated breath. Waiting for the end, watching their eyes from-under brushes of the artist there is a way. Often among the "idlers" were not just lovers, but true lovers of painting. Buying a canvas from the hands of the artist with admiration and awe had taken it with them still wet.
So there is a series of autumn landscapes:
"Gdansk,Oliwa Park",
"Autumn, Oliwa Park",
"The port of Gdansk", and many others.
In his short creative 9-element activity of the painter Benjamin Migal creates more than 200 works. They are located in different countries, in private collections.
One of the collections assembled by his daughter, Marina Migal today's audience.

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