Dmitrievich Miloradovich

Russia • 1851−1943

Biography and information

Russian painter, genre painter, he painted scenes from the history of the Russian Church, portraits, landscapes. Studied in MUZHVZ (1874 – 1878) P. A. Desyatova. From 1876 he studied at the E. S. Sorokin, V. G. Perov, I. M. Pryanishnikov. Participant of the exhibitions AH, TPHV. Academician (1909), a member of the Imperial Moscow Archaeological society. Member of the Commission on the repair and restoration of the assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin (194-1918). Founding member of the Association of realist artists (1927-1932).

Works are in state Tretyakov gallery, state Russian Museum, and other collections.

He graduated from the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture, which later (1914-1917) taught painting. By the time the authority of S. D. Miloradovich was rather high. 1909 - the academician.

Artist he was versatile. He painted historical and religious subjects, portraits, landscapes, household compositions. Showed work at the exhibitions of the Association of traveling art exhibitions. In Soviet times the activity of the academician of painting has dropped significantly — affected years, although, for example, he was involved in 1927 at the exhibition of the Association of realist artists. S. D. Miloradovich was at that time seventy-sixth year.

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