Yakovlevna Missoulovina

Russia • born in 1930

Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Life V. Y. Misslovely largely determined by the realities that the younger generation is now studying the lessons of history. But, unlike many, she stood in front of the vanity, competition and a struggle for survival. Determine for themselves the most valuable in life: family, creativity and friendship, she never aspired to the ranks and titles, not looking for fame and money. Victoria Yakovlevna was born in Leningrad. Pretty showed early interest in fine arts, she became involved in the House of artistic education of children, and then in the nursery school at the Tauride art school and in 1945 entered the secondary art school at the Institute. I. E. Repin. After the end of the school and the pedagogical College Mesalamine during the year he taught drawing at school. But this work did not bring her any joy or satisfaction, and in 1953 she goes to the Combine pictorial and decorative art, where he worked until 1986, where he not only executes orders of the plant, but and is constantly in a creative search, improving their skills. She practices in the sculpture Studio under the direction of P. M. Krivoruchko, interested in lithography. Working in a lithographic workshop of the Union of artists near outstanding graphic artists as A. S. Vedernikov, B. N. Ermolaev, A. L. Kaplan, Victoria Yakovlevna discovering new creative techniques and principles - clarity and thoughtfulness of the composition, rigor in the selection color.

if in the early period, there is some stiffness that is caused by excessive pressure of the natural experience, the letter becomes more free, see dynamics and compositional acuity. Later Mesalamine enjoys compositions. The plot appears as in landscapes and in still lifes. For example, in "still life with jug" 1967 interior plays an active role so that the canvas rather perceived as a genre than pure still life

Especially important for the development of an artist was a trip to the house of creativity in Old Ladoga and Hot Key. Due to the possibility of a thoughtful slow work, the work of Messologiou goes to a completely new level. The paintings of this period demonstrate the absolute freedom and amazing accuracy in choice of colors, compositional solutions. Such works include "In the garden" (1969), "Kitchen in the house of creativity" (1969), "Summer kitchen" (1969). V. J. Mesalamine actively involved in exhibitions not only in order to show their work to the audience, but also to evaluate them. The result of active creative work was joining Misslovely in 1975, a member of the Union of artists of the RSFSR, the incident is not without worry, but also no fuss.

In subsequent years the artist's works becoming more decorative, fractional smear on while maintaining consistency, clarity of the composition. This is particularly obvious when comparing portraits made in different years. For example, "father's Portrait", 1954, fine stroke, extremely rigorous in the modeling of the face, and "Portrait of Lisa Eisenstadt" in 1981, by contrast, is a very real, sharp, as for smear and composition. Model like looks out of the picture space, simultaneously trying to hold the head fall on the shoulders of the shawl. All this gives the portrait an unusual appeal. It should be noted that the portraits of the different periods of creativity of Victoria Yakovlevna is distinguished not only transfer portrait similarity, but also surprisingly accurate rendering of the depth and complexity of characters portrayed. The portrait clearly shows the relationship of the artist to his model. It is far from estimated and rather demonstrates genuine interest and kindness to man.

Meeting the Plant design and decorative art with the artist by Myron G. Abramovich became for Victoria Yakovlevna crucial. First, they formed a creative Duo together working on orders, then family. And for many years this amazing couple worked, worked, gave warmth and compassion to family and friends. It is this warmth and honesty and openness so attractive in the works of V. Y. Misslovely. Whether still life, landscape, portrait, or genre - is everywhere the stamp of sincerity, of kindness and of infinite interest to the world. Of course, all these works bear the flavor of his time, but if the troubles of life remember quite calm, the cheerfulness, determination and faith in a better, reflected in the paintings that make you stop, think, look in your heart.

(article: N. Zavyalova "the Exhibition of painting of V. Y. Messologiou", "my People" No. 18 (382) 28.09.2006)

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