Evgenievich Mikhailov

Russia • born in 1945

Biography and information

Was born in 1945. in Annaburg (Germany). In 1972. graduated from the Moscow higher art-industrial school (former Stroganov). Since 1972. participated in Moscow, Republican, Union and foreign exhibitions. Since 1980. a member of the Moscow branch of the Union of Artists. In 1987-1992. member of the "No four" (Vladimir Kuzmin, Boris Mikhailov, Boris Smertin). A member of the Union of designers of Russia and teaches at the National Institute of design in Moscow.

Works are in the Moscow Museum of modern art, Moscow; the State Literary Museum, Moscow; Novosibirsk state art Museum, Novosibirsk; Branch of the Kirillo-Belozersky historical-architectural and art Museum-reserve, Ferapontovo, Vologda region

Personal exhibitions:

1988 - "Without four" (Vladimir Kuzmin, Boris Mikhailov, Boris Smertin), DK AZLK, Moscow;

1992 - gallery "Today", Moscow;

1995 - "Specific presence", gallery "EXPO 88", Moscow;

1996 - "the Metaphysics of everyday life", "Codehaus", Hamminkeln, Germany;

1997 - gallery "Today", Moscow;

1998 - the architectural Bureau "Kubler", Munich, Germany (together. with A. Yang);

1998 - the Embassy of Germany, Moscow (sovm. with E. Kryukov, V. Livanov);

1998 - "Drawings", gallery "Phoenix", Moscow;

1999 - "the Art of collecting: Alexander Ermolaev, Boris Mikhailov, Maria Elkonin", Central exhibition hall "Manege", Moscow;

2001 - "the Transition", gallery "Mars", Moscow;

2001 - "Reality and illusions", gallery "Do Yar", Moscow;

2001 - "Three artists from Moscow", the town Hall, Rösrath, Germany (together. G. Serov and N. Testino);

2002 - "Values", Central exhibition hall "Manege", Moscow;

2003 - "Drawing", gallery "EXPO 88", Moscow;

2004 - gallery Carla Fitting, Cologne, Germany (together. with N. Turnovo).

Group exhibitions:

1988 -"Labyrinth", Palace Of Youth, Moscow;

1988 - "Artist-designer", Design center, Moscow;

1988 - "the 2nd exhibition of today's art consciousness", gallery "Mars", Moscow; 1989 - "New art from Moscow. Labyrinth", Warsaw, Katowice - Hanover, Hamburg; 1989 - "Express Avant-Garde", Cultural Fund, Moscow;

1989 - "Soviet avant-garde 1920-1980-ies", Minsk;

1989 - "Red and white", Warsaw, Poland;

1989 - "Gorky Park" exhibition hall ", Colhoff", düsseldorf, Germany;

1990 - "Sovangard" gallery "Sovangard", Vienna, Austria;

1990 - "white and Red", Open Haven Museum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands;

1990 - "Contemporary Russian artists", düsseldorf, Germany;

1990 - "Free Soviet art", gallery "La forêt", Paris, France;

1991 - "gold brush - 91", Central house of artists, Moscow;

1991 - "Exhibition of 15 artists", Central house of artists, Moscow;

1991 - "the horizon", exhibition hall "na Kashirke", Moscow;

1991 - "in memory of Sergey Paradzhanov", Central house of artists, Moscow;

1991 - "ART-MIF", Central exhibition hall "Manege", Moscow;

1992 - "the Moscow palette", Los Angeles, USA;

1992- "1 + 1 + 1 + 1=4" (W. Molitor, F. Barow, B. Mikhailov, V. Kuzmin), Town Hall, Bensberg, Germany;

1993 - "ART MIF", "Manege", Moscow;

1993 - "the Anthology", gallery "Moscow yard", Moscow;

1994- "Between faith and aesthetics", Hamburg, Berlin, Germany;

1995 - "Rise pictures", Halle, Hamburg, Germany;

1995 - "Artists of gallery "Today", Central house of artists, Moscow;

1995 - "Contrasts", Association of art critics and art historians, Moscow;

1995 - "Russian house", the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Lauenburg, Berlin, Germany;

1996 - "Art Manege", Manege, Moscow;

1996 - "Gallery in the Gallery", State Tretiakov gallery, Moscow;

1996 - "Colors of time", Salzgitter, Magdeburg, Berlin, Germany;

1996 - "Modern art of Russia", international trade fair, Leipzig, Germany; 1998 - "Russian and German artists", "IQ Battery", Munich, Germany;

2000 - "High-Tech Meets High Art", "IQ Battery", Munich, Germany;

2000 - "the Movement of internal and external", exhibition hall "Sadovniki", Moscow;

2001 - "World of painting", CHA, Moscow;

2001-2002 - "Abstraction in Russia. XX century", State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg;

2001 - 2nd international Biennale of contemporary graphics, Novosibirsk;

2001 - "object Space", all-Russian Museum of decorative-applied and folk art, Moscow;

2001 - the Russian-German house, Moscow;

2002 - "Art-Salon", personal project "Material selection", Central house of artists, Moscow;

2003 - "Moscow abstraction. The second half of the XX century", State Tretyakov gallery, Moscow;

2003 - Master (international exhibition dedicated to the 150th birthday of Vincent van Gogh), the Palace of arts, Minsk, Belarus;

2004 - "Art-Manezh", the personal project the "Vertical - Horizontal", Moscow;

2005 - "Collage in Russia. XX century", State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg;

2005-2006 - "Revision material", the State Tretyakov gallery, Moscow.

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