Savvich Mikhailov

Russia • born in 1945

Biography and information

Thesis in the CVC - "My classmates" rating - excellent. The training took place at the picturesque faculty, qualification of artist-painter, teacher.

Honored artist of Russia.

Was born on 3 September 1945 in the village Arzgir, Stavropol territory

In 1977 he graduated from Leningrad Institute of painting, sculpture and arhitecture them. I. E. Repin, faculty of painting, workshop of E. E. Moiseenko

In 1979 – graduated from the creative workshop of E. E. Moiseenko.

Since 1979 - Member of Union of artists,

From 1973 - member of the National Association of artists of Italy "ITALART".


1986 – Saint Petersburg.

1988 – Zurich.

1989 – London.

1990 – New York.

2004 – the State Russian Museum. Saint–Petersburg.

2005 – Gallery "Our artists". Moscow.

2006 – exhibition in Gallery "ASA Art". Saint-Petersburg.

2008 – Gallery "ART re FLEX". Saint–Petersburg.

His works are: the State Tretyakov gallery, State Russian Museum, the Museum of modern art (Moscow), the cultural Foundation of Russia, Museum of Academy of arts, the Russian Museum of A. S. Pushkin State Museum of theatre and music, State Museum of history of St. Petersburg, Museum of non-conformist art (SPB), the Museum of fine arts (Ekaterinburg, Russia), Museum of fine arts of the Republic of Tatarstan, Museum of Russian art (Kiev), Museum Ludwig (Cologne, Germany), Zimmerly art Museum (new Jersey, USA), The state Museum of international art (Beijing, China), art Museum (Tampere, Finland), State art Museum "Kadriorg" (Tallinn, Estonia) and many others.

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