Nikolaevich Mikhailov

Russia • 1934−2006

Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

He was born in Syktyvkar. People's artist of Russia, honored artist of the Russian Federation.

He graduated from the regional art school of Memory of 1905, and then the Moscow State art Institute named after Surikov.

Mikhailov's painting “the White sea”, “Cypress” and “morning on the shore” was exhibited at the Republican exhibition of marine painters. Oleg Mikhailov became the constant participant of the largest art exhibitions in the country.

Creative heritage of the artist is huge. In addition to landscapes and thematic paintings he painted many still lifes. His personal exhibitions took place in different times twenty-six cities.

The picture of Oleg Nikolaevicha are more than twenty museums in Russia and abroad, in particular in the Museum of the Royal Academy of great Britain, as well as in private collections.

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