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Nikiforovich Misharin

born in 1922

Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Hard was the life and work of this artist. Talented Siberian, M. N. Misharin from his youth dreamed of becoming a professional artist. He received art education in Krasnoyarsk art school (1936-1938). More to learn he did not have. But since 1939 he has participated in art exhibitions in Krasnoyarsk, representing, mainly, modest landscape studies. Since that time M. N. Misharin for life was associated with established in 1940, the Krasnoyarsk branch of Union of artists of the RSFSR.

Happy creativity, socializing with friends, the art, the ability to go the chosen way. But everything changed dramatically – the Great Patriotic war. In 1941 Misharin becomes a cadet, and then the front, long kilometers, long years of war. And all these years, the commander of the machine gun company captain Mikhail Misharin was at the forefront. He fought on the Western front and participated in the liberation of Poland, Prussia. Repeatedly awarded orders and medals. After being wounded in 1945 he was demobilized, he returned to his hometown. Returned a disabled person without hands, but the dream to be creative never left. Much has been forgotten: at the front was not to art, but the artist, overcoming himself, everyday, was able to return to the beloved.

Since 1948, his canvases and watercolors appear on all regional and regional exhibitions, he was also a participant of Republican and all-Union art exhibitions.

From this time until the last days of M. N. Misharin was engaged in creativity. Especially a lot, he worked in watercolors. This technique is complex and capricious. Wrong strokes of the brush will not erase and will not cover – will remain dirty spots. In watercolor Misharin drew its transparency, softness of transitions, the ability to transfer an almost imperceptible state of nature.

The favorite genre of the artist – the landscape. Our harsh and majestic Siberian nature, he saw poetic, tender, full of charm. Especially a lot of works dedicated to the artist beautiful Yenisei river. Surprisingly transmitted nature of the Siberian rivers - the strength, power, greatness. The artist, especially in his younger years and travelled a lot around the edge, preferring the Yenisei banks. He wrote the Yenisei river at all times of year, day, passing it various States. Created throughout the art of the Yenisei landscapes M. N. Misharin became lyrical Suite, a great Siberian river. One of the most frequent motifs in the works Misharin - ships, which he loved to write.

In his last years the artist has increasingly turned to painting, and not only to the landscape genre. It has genre scenes, talking about sharpness of artistic perception, observation, the ability to find interesting compositional solution. Structure of his paintings is characterized by a density range is wide, a characteristic brightness, decorative effect.

Many of the artists devoted to the construction of hydropower plants on the Yenisei, the construction of BAM. The subjects of his paintings are simple, they bribe the integrity of images, color variety. Repeatedly visited the artist in the far North, where he brought genre and landscape paintings. Another theme to which the artist often turned to the last period of creativity - a series of female images, Nude. Here the artist acts as the poet laureate of eternal beauty.

Until the last days of his life, M. N. Misharin did not let the brush of the hand, while continuing to work. His humble, imbued with poetry and purity canvases and watercolors appeared in all local exhibitions, evoking respect for the working capacity and talent of painter, Krasnoyarsk.

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