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Mikhailovich Molchanov

Russia • 1906−1980

Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR. Honored worker of culture of the RSFSR.

He studied at VKhUTEMAS, was a member of AHRR. In 1922 he exams on SPF — test-preparatory Department, and later studying at the graphic Department of the VKhUTEMAS. In 1942, Molchanov was conscripted into the red Army. Participated in many exhibitions.

Born in 1906, in the family, not related to art. In 1918, twelve years of silence, playing with the guys on the street, fashioned from a snow portrait of Karl Marx. The sculpture caught the eye of a newspaper reporter, photo, published, tracked down the author and sent to study in VHUTEMAS a volunteer.

In 1922 he exams on SPF — test-preparatory Department, and later studying at the graphic Department of the VKhUTEMAS. It was a time of complicated, difficult and inspired. The young Republic by building and developing on new social bases, and create a new culture, new art. For training, capable of solving the artistic issues of life, and it opened a new school VHUTEMAS – Higher art and technical workshops. Students here are United by the desire to develop a true revolutionary art.

In the graphical Department of K. Molchanov close contact with the creative systems P. Miturich, and N. Of kupreyanov and D. Moore.

Then taught on the faculty of V. Favorsky, I. Nivinsky, L. Bruni. Teachers of painting were K. Istomin and A. Sokolov.

Highly professional environment, romantic atmosphere of the sublime's relationship to art, of course, in General, affects the formation of the young artist. Apparently, it was this atmosphere and must silence its constant poetic worldview, which combined with his usual kindness to people and love of nature. This attitude to life, of course, demanded their expression. And here is, perhaps, a strong influence on K. Molchanova had a schedule D. Kardovsky with his ability to draw specifically and simultaneously subtle and figuratively-poetic. In 1922, a significant event is happening. Molchanov, among other talented students of the VKhUTEMAS invited to participate in the First Russian art exhibition in Berlin in the gallery van dimena. She was represented in the works of A. Arkhipov, A. Benoit, L. Bruni, I. Grabar, S. Gerasimov, A. Deineka, M. Dobuzhinsky, P. Konchalovsky, P. Kuznetsov, N. Krymov, A. Kuprin, I. Mashkov, M. Nesterova, L. Turzhansky, P. Petrovicheva. In 1926 Molchanov involved in a large of the exhibition graphics. The jury was A. Bakushinskii, V. Dobroklonsky, D. Kardovsky, V. Favorsky and others. From that moment he became a permanent participant of many exhibitions of Soviet art.

In 1929 Molchanov completing his education at the VKhUTEMAS. His thesis — the poster "Join the kolkhoz!" and a series of lithographs "For Soviet power" was awarded the highest rating.

But although the poster as a form of monumental graphics was easy for the artist — said the skills learned in VKhUTEMAS — his perception of life more fully realized in easel images. The main genres of art Molchanov with his first independent steps steel portrait and landscape, to the greatest extent close to the person, his condition and mood. In 1931 was created the canvas "Old scissors", the scissors of the early 30-ies represented the motive for the traditional Russian lyrical landscape street with a small gray houses, with flashes of red roofs reminded of the village. In those years Molchanov is gaining experience of the painter. All the more decisive getting rid of the grey shadows, still tangible in some works, such as, for example, "Man with a pipe" in 1932. More and more measured in his painting tradition planarity, rising to a picturesque system of "Union of Russian artists". Whereas previously this relationship was more pronounced closeness to the late Peredvizhnichestvo. These features became characteristic of the painting of Molchanov from the mid 1930-ies. These are his work "the Village of Nakhalovka. Mariupol". "Sunrise on the sea" (both 1934), "Girl with doll", "Autumn etude" (both 1936), "First snow", "In the Park CDKA" (both 1937), "the Road to the mountains. Sudak" (1939). In the most current a new direction in painting of the artist is revealed in such works as "Girl in a green sweater", "Morning at sea. Sudak" (both 1939), etc. Especially expressive canvas "Evening," executed by the artist in 1936. The interior of the house of the father is written very emotionally. And although the whole situation exudes calm, pasty dynamic strokes, combinations of saturated complementary colors, contrasting black and white gradation of give depicted dramatic. Here in all credibility revealed shaped Molchanov concept, which plays a big role in mood. Working in a variety of types and genres of drawing and painting, Molchanov pays considerable attention to the portrait. The most the artist was portraits of loved ones. Among them are portraits of his daughter, Svetlana: "Portrait of baby" (1938), "Girl with doll" (1936), "Svetlana with a bear" (1937), "the Dream of Svetlana" (1937), "Svetlana" (1942), "Schoolgirl" (1947). True talent as a portraitist revealed in his wartime work, living and emotional. And it was no accident that the artist who salary his talent was never impressed front representation in the portrait.

In 1942, Molchanov was conscripted into the red Army and had a long and difficult path of war. He was a good soldier. This is evidenced by the awards — the order of the Patriotic war II degree, the medal for the defense of Moscow and Stalingrad, in the liberation of Warsaw for capture of Berlin.

The people and events of the war were content mainly of drawings Molchanova, they appeared first of all his gift of a portrait painter, kind, intelligent, compassionate person. Artist, possessing a keen eye and precise, sure hand. In his works — thinking with a pencil in the hands of a man at war, a deep insight into his spiritual world. These are the images of Lieutenant L. Lynch (1944), Sergeant Alekseenko (1944), corporal, Gumbaridze (1944), Hero of the Soviet Union guards major V. M. Queen (1945), a seasoned soldier with helmet (1945), sapper Glotova, the last battle way from the Volga to the Elbe (1945), etc.

Since then forty years had passed. And with each passing decade new value for current and future generations gain front-line work of Molchanov.

What neither wrote Molchanov — Polenovo, Istria, Gurzuf and the Gulf of Finland, the images created by them, monumental, majestic, inspired by light reflections.

Note that the 1970-ies was for the artist a new stage of active work, by the time of the "second breath". This was especially noticeable on the background of his severe painful conditions. For those years characterized by a particular clearness, poetry and optimism. The artist mastered the technique of pastels according to his works easiness and transparency ("My Moscow", "Pink Phlox", both 1970).

Participation in exhibitions:

1922 First Russian art exhibition. Berlin, gallery van dimena

1926 First exhibition graphics. Moscow

1929 IX AChRs exhibition "Art into the masses". Moscow

Exhibition of diploma works printing Department Vhuteina. Moscow

1931 Exhibition "Art of the third decisive year of the five-year plan". Moscow

1932 the Exhibition "Poster in the service of the five-year plan"

(The first all-Union exhibition poster). Moscow jubilee exhibition "Artists of RSFSR for 15 years". Moscow—Leningrad

1933 Exhibition "Artists of the RSFSR XV years (1917-1932)". Graphics. Moscow

1936 Exhibition of young artists to the conference of the Komsomol, Dzerzhinsky district. Moscow

1937 the Fifth exhibition of Moscow painters. Moscow

1939 the Sixth exhibition of the Moscow Union of artists. Moscow

All-Union exhibition of young artists dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of the Komsomol. Moscow

1941 the Exhibition "Young artists of the RSFSR". Moscow

1942 Exhibition "Landscape of our country." Moscow

The exhibition "the Great Patriotic war and propaganda posters "TASS Windows" artists of the RSFSR". Moscow

1945 the exhibition "the Fighting way of the 1st Byelorussian front." Mińsk Mazowiecki. Poland Exhibition "From the Volga to the Elbe". Waltersdorf. Germany

1946 Exhibition of painting, graphics, sculpture artists at the front. Moscow

1947 Exhibition of front-line sketches of Moscow artists. Moscow

Spring exhibition of works of Moscow painters and sculptors. Moscow

1952 Spring exhibition of Moscow artists. Moscow

1953 Spring exhibition of Moscow artists. Moscow

1955 Exhibition of paintings and drawings of Moscow artists. Moscow

1956 Spring exhibition of Moscow artists. Moscow

1957 all-Union art exhibition dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the great October socialist revolution. Moscow

1958 all-Union art exhibition "40 years VLKSM". Moscow Exhibition "roads of war". Moscow

1960 Exhibition of works of Moscow artists. Moscow

1961 Exhibition "15 years of Victory". Moscow

1962 Exhibition of paintings and sculpture by Moscow artists. Moscow

1966 Exhibition of works by artists of Moscow Union of artists and war artists Studio them. M. B. Grekova. Moscow Exhibition "Battle for the native land". Moscow

1967 "Artists of Moscow — the 50th anniversary of October". Moscow

1973 Personal exhibition of K. M. Molchanov. Painting, drawing. Moscow

1975 Exhibition "Windows TASS". 1941-1945". Moscow

The exhibition "Moscow artists to the 30th anniversary of the great Victory". Moscow

1977 Exhibition of front-line drawings and sketches, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war. Leningrad

1980 Exhibition "Moscow artists to the 35th anniversary of the great Victory". Moscow

1981 14th exhibition of the Moscow artists — veterans of the great Patriotic war. Moscow

(Source: from the article, the website of the Moscow academic art Lyceum)

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