Kirillovich Mordovin

Russia • 1915−1982

He graduated from the Moscow machine tool Institute. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR. The honored worker of arts of RSFSR, the Chechen-Ingush ASSR. Participant in regional, Republican, all-Union and international exhibitions.

People's artist of the RSFSR. Portraitist, landscapist, genre painter, was Born in 1915 in the village of Aleksandrovskoye, Stavropol Krai. He studied at the rural Studio of the fine arts K. K., Sidorenko, 1934-1940 — in Art Studio at the Moscow aviation Institute. Participant of art exhibitions since 1948. Major works: the series "Rural Communists" (1960-1980, MK RSFSR), "the Foreman, Hero of Socialist Labor A. Ka-Herman" (1962), "Peasant Vishnyakov" (1964), "M. Klepikov, Hero of Socialist Labor, member of the Central Committee of the Communist party" (1980), "A. Maystrenko, Hero of Socialist Labor, Director of the farm "red army" (1980), the series "My contemporaries" (1975, MC of the RSFSR Union of artists of the RSFSR), "Kuban", "Seedlings", "Novorossiysk cement", a series of portraits of "People of the North" (1978, MK RSFSR artists ' Union of Russia), "portrait of a herder I. Anisimov", "Portrait of the mother-heroine Zheleznyakova", a series of portraits and paintings "workers of the Caucasus" (1960-1969, Chechen-Ingush art Museum): "Master of the mountains", "In Chechnya, build", "winter pastures".

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