Alexandrovich Mordovin

Russia • born in 1934

Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

(07.02.1934, Moscow)

Studied at the studios of Alexander Morozov, Abram I., Peisakhovich, Peter P. Konchalovsky.

The party's all zonal and all-Union exhibitions at the Kuznetsk bridge.

Party a smashing exhibition of the 30th anniversary of MOSKh.

1985 – personal exhibition at the Moscow artists ' Union on a Treadmill.

A member of the famous group exhibitions "Eight" - Andronov, Birger, Weisberg, Egorshina, Ivanov, the brothers Nikonov, A. Mordovin at Vavilova, who dispersed the mounted police in the 1960s.

At the time, his work was highly appreciated Igor Grabar, Pyotr Konchalovsky.

Work Mordovin kept in the Tretyakov gallery, Bryansk Museum, Village Museum,

in private collections in Russia and abroad – Israel, USA, England, Portugal, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, etc.

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