Nikolayevich Morkovin

Russia • born in 1954

Biography and information

Graphics, painting. Member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

He graduated from the Saratov Art School in 1982. In 1987 - the Academy of Arts in Kharkov.

Participant of more than 60 international contests and exhibitions in state galleries, museums and exhibition centers of Moscow, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Saratov, Omsk, St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk, Khvalynsk, Engels (Russia); Kiev, Kharkov (Ukraine); Toronto (Canada, 1994 - honorary place of the competition); Barcelona, Girona (Spain); Seul (Korea); London, Bristol, Leicester, Uxbridge, Ramsgate, Newbury (England); Batgate (Scotland); Joensuu (Finland); Bages (France); Washington (United States, 2006–2007).

Family September 29, 1954 Saratov. He graduated from the CFS in 1982, HHPI in 1987. Participant of regional, republican, zonal exhibitions. Schedule. Member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

Romantic beginning is always present in the works of VN Morkovin. A pronounced emotional feeling is characteristic of a wide variety of graphic cycles of the artist. In the series "Workers of the Volga sawmill", "Ural geologists" it attracts a bright imagery of the characteristics of their heroes. In landscape "Zavolzhie", "Hvalynsk motives", etc., agitates the life of nature in its development.

It is not by chance that many sheets are devoted to the transfer of movement - wind, waves, rain. This is what the names of the works themselves say: “Waves. Development.”, “Becoming”,

"Rain Curtain". The greatness, mystery, incomprehensibility of nature - like the eternal dream of man about beauty - this feeling is filled with landscapes of Carrot.


1981 Russia, Saratov-personal exhibition

1986 Ukraine, Kharkiv-Republican Youth Exhibition

19986, Ukraine, Kiev - Republican Youth Exhibition

1987 Manezh- Republican Exhibition of Russia

1987 Czechoslovakia-1987,1989.gg. Trencin, maj-jun

1988 Moscow Manezh-Republican Youth Exhibition

1992 Kazan Manege -Zonal exhibition

1992 Hvalynsk, The City Gallery- exhibitions 1988, 1989, 1990

1992 Biennale "Kaliningrad -92"

1992 Canada, Toronto, DEL BELLO GALLERY

1993 Canada, Toronto, DEL BELLO GALLERY

1993 Moscow Manege - Republican Exhibition of Russia

1994 Crete, Russian Embassy, exhibition of graphics

1994 DEL BELLO GALLERY, Canada, Toronto, honorary

place of competition jury - were awarde Honorable Mention -

1994 Barselona, Espana, 14 INTERNATIONAL DE

CADQUES "Ateneo", Canet de Mar

1994 Seoul, Korea, "The Arts Center"


TOUTINO 1994 -1995

1994 Leicester, The City Gallery, 23 June to 30 Yuly

1994 UXBRIDGE, Brunell Gallery,

1995 LONDON, Bankside Gallery

1995 RAMSGATE, Ramsgate Library Gallery

1995 NEWBURY, Newbury District Museum

1995 BATGATE (SCOTLAND) Balbardi Galler

1995 DUMFRIES, Gracefield Arts Center

1995 SHETLAND, Bonhoga Gallery

1995 15 INTERNATIONAL, CADAQUES, Girona, Spain,

"Taller Galleria Fort"

1995 Joensuu, Finland - "Joensuun Taidemuseo"

1995 Wingfield, England - "Wingfield Arts & Music Festival"

1995 Barselona, Espana, - "Ateneo", Canet de Mar

1995 Bages, France - LEtang dArt "

- Taller Galeria

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