Ivanovich Morozov

Russia • 1902−1997

Biography and information

I was born in 1902 in the village of Botola. My father, Ivan Kuzmich, was a closed person. He worked in Ivanovo factory Gandurina work and only on Sundays came home. Mother, Melanie I., was an illiterate woman. The family had 6 children. All my childhood was spent among the wonderful Russian nature. Under the impression of this nature I have the desire to draw...

When moving to Ivanovo... soon father dies. Me, brother and sister determined in a shelter for the poor. This shelter contained Fabrikant, A. I. Karelin. Heads like the way I draw, and it was decided to put me through art school, a branch of Baron Stieglitz. I will never forget what was the attention of teachers to the students of this school... Only they, with their own individual approach, and taught me a strong love for art and taught the basics of skill, understanding color, instilled persistence to work. I personally regretted the end of each school day and got up early, ready to favorite activities. At school 3 years.

In 1922, in Ivanovo-Voznesensk provincial Committee of the Komsomol came to the schedule to study to Moscow. I agreed to go and enroll to the Moscow technical school of arts. At home it's met is not desirable. Mother and all the relatives were against it... And I decided to go.

The study was tight. Such was the anguish of not knowing where to go. Once out of the building technical school, in the evening, saw a lighted window dancing girls, under the guidance of a young woman. It turned out that part of the premises rented, the Studio art movement at Modifable under the leadership of V. I. Tsvetaeva (eldest daughter of I. V. Tsvetaev, founder of the Museum of fine arts named after A. S. Pushkin).So I started to do ballet.

In 1926 I graduated from technical school and was transferred to the main Department of the VKhUTEMAS. At the main branch of painting was K. N. Istomin. He treated my work carefully... once said about my still life: "you Have a very plate revolves, it is necessary to pause. And nothing"...

The second course was in painting from T. Drevin. He told me: "You do not understand the painting. Awful, what are you doing..." Referring to the students, talked about me - mediocrity.

In the third year I was Ilya Ivanovich Mashkov. He was an artist of our time. His powerful realistic paintings entered the Golden Fund.

The fourth course was taught by D. P. Shterenberg. He was allowed to write as I wanted, freely. He was friendly and considerate.

Graduated in 1930 from the hostel were evicted. Had to find a place to stay. From could not find. Spent the night, too. Sometimes sat in night commuter train and whiled away in the night and in the morning returned to Moscow.

Finally from the Union of artists got two room single-storey wooden house on Maslovka.

And yet all these years I worked. In 1935 he organized my personal exhibition in Maslovka. I. I. Brodsky with this exhibit was acquired to the Museum of young talents in Berdyansk three works.

In the spring and summer of 1936 I lived and worked at Serpukhov in the village Perhurovo. Wrote old house and thick trees, the surrounding countryside. Landscapes this year seems more optimistic. They are monumental.

This fall I went to the Volga, and thus begin a new stage in his artistic life. Three years in a row I traveled on the Volga in summer, autumn months, in the days of early spring. Wrote barges, their dark, weathered a thousand times washed by rain on the hull and their heavy heavy weight. These trips on the Volga in 1936-38 he completely absorbed my creative interests.

"I wrote a lot of scenery over the summer watercolor in the standard sheet size. Age-old Linden alley with lanes and mighty oaks. Ponds with duckweed tightened. All this in the Park of Timiryazev agricultural Academy and not far from my house. A series of landscapes painted at the stadium "Dynamo". The month of September I think to work in the city".

From the letter Morozov V. I. Tsvetaeva. 31.08.1959 G.

"Since the autumn I had a dream to write, the first snow. This time I love the most".

From the letter Morozov V. I. Tsvetaeva. 1957

"With great pleasure, we would put in the room of the exhibition your a sheaf of deep pink and blue flowers... Happy for your success, honest artist, a tireless obstinate Maestro".

From a letter to V. I. Tsvetaeva Morozov. 1963

"Paintings Morozova convinced, they discerned devotion to art, professional maturity and talent." (S. Gerasimov)

"His reverent perception of the world, alive, very individual freshness of impressions, the taste for living nature. He has his own view of nature, their distinctive attitude to it. Images of the native landscape, transmitted by the artist artistically compelling." (M. S. Sarian Mr. that "Soviet art")

"He has made our landscape painting their own individual and unique style, in which expressive pictorial form was combined with a simple structural arrangement...

Since childhood, frost retained a certain affection for the unpretentious, simple and modest scenery, small rivers and swampy places, he kept the love to the image of the solemn forest of silence, which felt enchanted surprise the little boy in front of huge and tall forest giants..." (V. I. Kostin)

However, despite my undoubted success, the interest shown to my work many audiences and individual artists of the older generation, as well as some critics and young artists, I still have not received a wide recognition and objective assessment of the overall print, official art institutions of art and leaders of arts organizations.

"Money doesn't tempt me, I'm single and humble in life, and want most of my work has been concentrated and exposed in a separate hall of the art Museum of my hometown to the memory of people in Ivanovo, a former boy-worker whom Soviet power gave the ticket to the world of Art, met the expectations of those who sent him to study ... and my work has brought joy to the residents of the city of Ivanovo".

From a letter to A. I. Morozov, Secretary of the Ivanovo CPSU OK V. Klyuev. 1974

"I, Morozov, Alexander Ivanovich, living in Moscow, this will do the following Directive:

-all my property which at the day of my death will be owned by me, neither was and wherever it was, I bequeath to the Ivanovo regional Art Museum."

(From the will A. I. Morozov.)