Sidorovich Mosin

Russia • 1930−1982

Thesis in the CVC (the Studio of V. M. Oreshnikov) - "Ural Skaz" rating - excellent. The training took place at the picturesque faculty, qualification of artist-painter.

Honored artist of the RSFSR (1981).

Born in 1930 in the village of Kamenno-Ozersk Sverdlovsk region.

In 1946 he enrolled in the Sverdlovsk art College. In 1951 - at the painting Department of the Leningrad Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture. I. E. Repin.

His way in art G. Mosin began brightly and confidently. His thesis "the Stone flower" (1957) on the plot of the tale by P. P. Bazhov, written at the end of the Institute, was in the academic Museum, and the G. Mosin received an invitation to attend graduate school, but decided to return to the Urals. Talking about the artist before the opening of the Sverdlovsk regional art exhibition in 1959, where he made his debut with the painting "the funeral of the victims of the revolution." The painting took up an entire wall of the gallery. Such a generalized epic interpretation of the historical themes of the Ural painting, usually depicting specific episodes of the past did not know.

In the 60-ies of the G. Mosin becoming a prominent representative of the "severe style" ("Political. 1905"). Civil pathos, interest in the effective bright individuals find and written in these years portraits ("Portrait of V. Volovich", "Portrait of Alexander Kubyshkin").

On the rise 60s is born creative Union G. Mosin and M. Brusilovsky, made friends in the Institute. The fruit of their Union - a huge canvas "1918". It is staggering unusual expressiveness, with the contrast of ancient structures shrouded in darkness red square and almost naturalistic written rostrum, which lifted up over the heads of the people and red army bayonets Lenin and his associates. The painting was included in the exhibition, the first zonal exhibition "Ural socialist" and caused a great public resonance. The controversy about her captured the entire city and beyond. The canvas painters of the Urals has been shown abroad, and subsequently included in the exhibition of the Volgograd art gallery. The second joint painting artists – "Red commanders of the Civil war in the Urals" (1969).

At the exhibitions of the ' 70s-G. Mosin participated portraits, landscapes, illustrations. At this time in the artist affects the hobby of painting of the early Renaissance. The portraits are major spiritual significance, moral purity, epic detachment. Folk-epic images have always been attracted to the City of Mosina. It creates a number of works on the subjects of fairy tales: "the tale of the dead Princess", "the tales of the frog Princess", illustrations to Russian folk tales and "fairy Tales grandfather ay-" Afanasyev.

A special place in the work of G. Mosin took the images of the tales p. P. Bazhov "the Tale about Urals" (1967), illustrations for "the Silver hoof", "malachite box", etc.

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