Nikanorovich Motovilov

Russia • 1921−2002

He was born in Biysk.

Painter. Works in the genre of landscape.

In 1942 a participant of regional, zonal, Republican and all-Union exhibitions.

Lives and works in Biysk.

Member of the Union of artists of Russia since 1946.

Major works:

"A mammoth performance in front of Solonoski fight"

"The meeting of the revolutionary Committee in 1919," 1951,

"The engineer came,"

"Semen Dezhnev",1961,

"In the Altai mountains",

"At the booth of the century"

"In the valley of eternity",

"Under the sky of Altai",

"Teletskoye lake" in 1972.

The works are kept in GMAKE, Novosibirsk art gallery, the Biysk local lore Museum. V. Bianchi.

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