Andreevich Mokhov

Russia • 1819−1903

Biography and information

He started his professional education at the Moscow art class, later renamed the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture. After moving to Saint Petersburg, became volnoprihodyaschim student of the Academy of arts. In 1842 he received a small silver medal for cardboard "Easter", the next year he repeated his success. In 1847 M. Mokhov was awarded the title of class artist. However, high demands on himself and a large capacity for work enabled the artist to continuously improve skills. Parallel to the growing popularity of the artist and a sympathetic attitude on the part of the leadership Academy. In 1852 M. A. Mokhov becomes "designated" in academics, in 1858 for "Portrait from life" he was awarded the title of academician.

To have survived are just some the artist's work, confirming the high craftsmanship of the moss-portrait. The ability of the painter to convey the internal state of the model, the lack of sharp intonation and overall restraint performance attracted the audience to the portraits of M. A. Mokhov and in our days.

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