Mikhailovich Mochalov

Russia • 1902−1957

(1902, St. Petersburg – 1957, Leningrad)

Designer, Illustrator, and designer of books, exlibris, master of printmaking.

In 1922 she was sent to work among the most competent students of the Astrakhan art Studio in Petrograd, the Academy of fine arts, where he studied at the 1926 P. Shillingovsky. Upon completion of the Academy took part in the exhibition "Russian xylography for 10 years" (1927). Working in the Department of children's literature of the state publishing house, illustrated historical novel for youth: books B. Buchstabe "hero of the underground" (1927), P Bogdanovich's "the rebel Prince" (1928), L. Saveliev, "Hunt for the Tsar" (1929), L. tynyanova the "Kakhovka" (1930)

and others. In 1930, jointly with V. M. Konashevich, M. Orlova, and N. To. Von-der-flit created a very good illustration to "Tales of Pushkin" in the series "library of Cheap classics". Cooperating with the publishing house Academia, designed and illustrated the works of

A. I. Polezhaeva (1933), A. And Odoevsky (1934), novel by Heinrich Heine (1937) and others. In 1945, he illustrated a book of poems of Alexander Yashin "Earth heroes" published by "Young guard".

In 1936 one of the first captured in the graph, the image of Kirov, creating the print "S. M. Kirov in Astrakhan" (awarded the Golden medal at the exhibition of Soviet graphic in Paris in 1937). During the siege of Leningrad, the artist was among the well-known Leningrad schedules, developing the subjects of the postcards, dedicated to the heroic defense of the city. Set of 5 postcards

S. Mochalova "Leningrad during the great Patriotic war" was republished in 1952 by the military publishing house.

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