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Valiakhmedovich Mullashev

born in 1944

Infinite, keeping the memory of the nomadic lifestyle of many generations living in one rhythm, in deep connection with the Cosmos and the universe... - this appears the Kazakh steppe in the artist's paintings. Camille Mullashev has always distinguished the monumental thinking combined with a romantic enthusiasm, the joy of the free spirit, the decoration, the richness of the color palette. Artist fascinates triumphant utopian "Golden age" - a beautiful time of harmony, when heaven was close to earth, and the people like gods.

Work in the 80s and 90s imbued with a pantheistic lyricism. The energy of life develops in free-form. The whole is composed of the chords of the individual color spots, with sovereignty and not dissolving in the General stream. The colour rhythm of his work combined with a flexible and ductile line creates a diverse range of moods - sorrow and joy, anxiety and serenity.

In his work the portrait genre has always occupied an important place. Now he has a new as suggesting a return to Neoclassicism. In the space of works "Kypchak-Kyz", "Portrait of President N. Nazarbayev" every detail finds its material tangible perceptibility and the ultimate clarity of outline, as if in a static condition presenting lasts for a moment. The portraits have provided an excellent opportunity for the artist to show professional skill, perfection of drawing, the possession of technology imprimatura - layered painting with thin glazes and tonal developments.

Major works: "Morning", "Land and Time. Kazakhstan", series "Horizons of virgin lands", a series of "seasons", a series of "artist's World", "Conversation king deer with fish", "Autumn. It's time deer tenderness and passion", "the Kiss stripes", "Jealousy", "Kypchak-Kyz", "Portrait of the first President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev", "Illumined by the sun a moment of eternity", "the Birth of genius," "Golden age," "Early in the morning a thousand worries."

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