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Mikhailovich Mymrin

Russia • born in 1939

Thesis in the CVC - "the partisans", the rating is satisfactory. The training took place at the picturesque faculty, qualification of artist-painter, teacher.Mymrin V. M. was born in Leningrad. In 1956 he graduated from the school, the school for working youth. The following year, he attended art classes etc. S. M. Kirov. In 1962 he entered the first year of Higher art-industrial school named. Mukhina, Department of ceramics. In 1964 he retired from WHPO and began to prepare for the easel branch in the Institute. I. E. Repin. At this time he works in various institutions of Leningrad. In 1969 V. M. Mymrin entered the first course in Institute. I. E. Repin, faculty of painting. In 1975 V. M. Mymrin graduated from the Institute. I. E. Repin in the Studio of Honoured artist of the RSFSR Professor D. A. Zaitsev and he was awarded the qualification of artist-painter, a teacher for the thesis "the partisans". In 1978, on 7-th exhibition of Leningrad artists "Our contemporary" was showing his work "self-Portrait", in the same year this work was shown at the traveling exhibition at the plant "Metalist" in Leningrad. In 1979, in the Central exhibition hall (CEH) at the exhibition "Man of labor" was presented the work "portrait of the wife". In the same year, this work was exhibited at the 8th exhibition of Leningrad artists "Our contemporary" and the traveling exhibition in Sochi. Also in 1979, the Spring exhibition at the Union of artists exhibited painting "Landscape with fishermen", and at the Autumn exhibition in the Central exhibition hall, the work "Urban motive". In 1981, the CEH - "Portrait of mother". In 1982, the CEH - "Portrait of daughter". 1983 CEH – "Girl with the radio" and "Olga". 1984. CEH – "Under peaceful sky", "Reflections from the canvas", "Smolny Cathedral", "Kronverkskaya embankment." In 1985, at the exhibition in Moscow exhibited the work of "reflecting on the canvas." In the same year exhibited in the CEH work: This should not be forgotten, Brother and sister. In 1986, exhibited in the Central exhibition hall of the City outskirts and a Portrait of his son. In 1987 at an exhibition in Zagreb, Yugoslavia exhibited an Urban motive and a self-Portrait. In the same year at the exhibition in Japan shows a Portrait of his daughter. In 1988 the exhibitions in the Union of artists of the work of the Church Simeone and Anne, and is Dedicated to Pirosmani. In the same year in the Exhibition hall on Okhta exhibited the work of a Cold morning and self Portrait. In 1989 at the exhibition in France exhibited the work of Flowers, Kamskaya street, Smolenskoe cemetery. In 1989, the Museum of History of Leningrad took place the personal exhibition, Mymrin V. M. In the same year, these works were presented at his personal exhibition in Union of artists, gallery "Heritage". All subsequent years, the work of V. M. mymrina, exhibited in the Union of artists, spring and autumn, and in the annual in CEH. Some works of V. M. mymrina, in the late ' 80s, early 90-ies was exported to South Korea, Yugoslavia and Germany. October 5, 2010, in St. Petersburg, Viktor Mymrin died from the disease. He was buried at the Novo-Volkovskoe cemetery in St. Petersburg

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