Ivanovich Manzov

Russia • 1862−1919

Born in Moscow draughtsman and painter of genre painter Vasily Ivanovich Fertilizers received a thorough education. Initially, after graduating from the Stroganov school of technical drawing (1874-1880), he became a specialist in domestic ornament - had often asked him with orders for the design of the chandeliers, doors, Church candlesticks. The desire to continue art education has led young V. Navozov at the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture (1880-1882), after which it on the advice of V. G. Perov enters in nature class Academy of arts.

Unfortunately, financial difficulties did not allow academics to devote himself entirely to painting. He is working as a draughtsman with well-known published in the Petersburg Newspapers and magazines. In the same Century as the Manure accompanies the travels of the Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich - the drawings of the painter liked members of the Imperial family. In 1885, V. I. Fertilizers received the title of class artist of the second degree, in 1889 - great artist of the first degree. The last painter got over the typical Wanderers of the genre painters of the painting "Gifts dining room".

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