Ivanovich Neznaykin

Russia • born in 1941

Biography and information

Member of Artists Union, Moscow section of painting (1975). He studied at the Moscow secondary art school under Institute named after V. I. Surikov (1955-1960). In 1960, he entered the Moscow art Institute im. Surikova. Graduated in 1966 at the workshop VG Tsyplakova. Since 1969 participant of Moscow, all-Union, Russian and international exhibitions. From 1985 to the present time participates in exhibitions of Creative Association "moskvoreche."

Works are in state art museums of Kaliningrad, Tula, Bryansk, Nijnego Novgorod and other cities, in private collections of Moscow and St. Petersburg, and also abroad - the USA, Finland, Germany, Czech Republic, South Korea, and China.

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