Vladimirovich Nekrasov

Russia • born in 1963

Biography and information

Born in 1963 in Moscow. In 1981 he graduated from Moscow secondary art school at the Moscow state art Institute im. Surikova. In 1987 graduated from Moscow GOV't. khudozh. Institute. VI Surikov workshop DK Mochalskogo with honors, claimed the gold medal of the Academy of Arts. Has a diploma of arts. In 1982 he joined the youth Association of artists and art critics at Mosh. Joined the Union in 1987 to 1987, he worked on contracts with Academy of Arts, Union of artists of Russia, Works of pictorial art. Constant participant of exhibitions held by MTX. Work are the property of the Academy of arts, Union of artists, as well as in many cities of Russia and in many private collections and galleries around the world (USA, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Spain and other countries).

(Source: website of the Moscow Union of artists)

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