Mikhailovich Nepomnyashchiy

Russia • born in 1939

The poster. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Born in 1939 in Moscow.

1965 Graduated from the workshop of the poster of the Moscow state art Institute. V. I. Surikov. Studied at N. A. Ponomarev, M. O. Savostyuka, B. A. Uspensky.

The participant of Republican, all-Union, foreign art exhibitions. Engaged in political and theatrical poster. Collaborates in the publishing house "Poster" and "Poster". Also works in book graphics. Winner of the first prize of the Komsomol (for posters presented at the all-Union exhibition, devoted to the 50 anniversary of the Komsomol, 1968).

C 1969 member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Major works: "the culture of the city — village" (1967), "Beats Vietnam at the prey of the enemy's flocks" (1967), "We live young legend!" (1967), "death to the aggressor!" (1967), "Greece will be free" (1971), "Peace and happiness to the children of the Earth!" (1971), "long live the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics" (together with Yu. a. Ivanov and I. Ovasapov) (1972), "Different peoples sons strong friendship strong" (1973), "Glory to warrior-liberator!" (1975), "Moscow-the capital of students of the world" (1975), "the World" (1977), "Rodion Shchedrin. "Dead souls" (1977),"Vano Muradeli. "October" (1977), "Moscow — the capital of peace forces" (1979).

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