Ivanovich Neradovsky

Russia • 1875−1962

Biography and information

Student of the Academy of Arts from 1896 to 1903 31 Oct 1903 - the title of the artist for the painting "Song". With 1908, is the Keeper of the art Department of the Museum of Emperor Alexander III. Member of the Academy of Arts from 1914 (Kondakov)

Art historian, Museum worker and artist. A member of the New society of artists. In 1909-32 guardian, 1912-29 head of the Art Department. Of the Russian Museum. The President of the Society for the study of ancient art, the constituent Assembly which took place on 6 August 1913 (Apollon. September 1913. No. 7. P.66).

The author of the memoirs "Meetings with Tolstoy" is created in 1955-1956,.

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