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Timofeevich Nikitin

born in 1942

Biography and information


Born February 8, 1942 in Moscow (Kitay-Gorod, Solyanka).

Drawing became interested in 12-13 years. Copied the works of masters of painting with watercolor reproductions. At this time, studied at art school and sang in the choir, was fond of sports.

The brightest memories of childhood – this Tarusa, a village of Mansurovo, where parents had taken the child in the summer. Fields, forests, river, herds of horses, cows, sheep returning from pasture, stirs the imagination. An abundance of strawberries, mushrooms, nuts was a pleasant surprise. All played a role in the future work.

In 1963 he received the first times Higher in the Stroganov school, the Department of interior. He studied successfully many work went into the Fund. I studied there for 2.5 years and, when I finished the painting course, the young man dropped out because was not interested to do a solid design. Painting continued at the art Studio tsdkzh independently. Often visited the Tretyakov gallery, Pushkin Museum, where he learned the secrets of mastery of great painters.

In 1968, for the first time participated in the exhibition of Moscow Union of artists youth section. During this period keen on vocal singing, attending the lectures of the famous teacher Alexandra Vasilyevna Popova. But the desire to study painting were burning.

In 1970, Valeriy Nikitin enters the high Stroganov school, but now, the Department of Monumental painting. 2 year student is allocated a Studio of academician G. M. Korzhev. In 1975 graduated.

In 1976, for the first time the young artist went to Creative cottage in Pereslavl-Zalessky, where he wrote "self-portrait in a cracked mirror", along with other works. In 1977, participant of the trip "the Young artists in the country". As a result, 2 works were bought by the exhibition Management.

In 1978 he became a member of Moscow Union of artists, as recommended by G. M. Korzhavin and P. F. Nikonov. All subsequent years, participating in all the exhibitions of Moscow Union of artists and Russian.

From 1978 to 1985 was a period of intensive search for means of expression adequate to the sense of life and pictorial art. This period of work filled with beautiful expression, astringency colors and dynamic plasticity of color relationships. Later work of this period was acquired in 1992 a German citizen V. Brant (1976-1985 oil 30 and 40 watercolors 1968-1990).

In 1992, held a personal exhibition of V. T. Nikitina in CHA. The exhibition was well received by the audience and journalists, after the exhibition at the "Mayak" was the transfer "visiting artist Nikitin", which was led by Elena Berezovskaya. Many of the works in connection with the exhibition were purchased and exported to America, Turkey, Korea, Germany, England, France, Israel and in private collections of Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan. Total has sold about 400 papers.

In the 80-ies - 90-ies the artist's work is characterized by passion the psychological portrait. During this period written many self-portraits in oil and watercolor.

Since childhood the artist has carried a love of Surikov, Levitan, Shishkin, Serov. Youth believes the words of Surikov, "the Colorist – an artist, not a colorist, not the artist" - very fair. From a young age etched in the memory of the expression Bourdelle: "the artist must be 2 the beginning: the angel and mad dog". The likes of Rembrandt, Titian, Raphael. And Rublev's "Trinity" considers a consummate product of all time.

In 2003 hosted the second solo exhibition in the exhibition hall of the Union of Artists, Kuznetsk bridge, 20. The show was opened by the academicians, people's artists Yu. Pavlov, E. G. Bragovsky, A. I. Surovtsev, V. A. Glukhov, who said many kind words about the work of V. T. Nikitina. Bragovsky in particular said that "Valery Nikitin is a significant phenomenon in our art, a wonderful representative of the Moscow school of painting".

The exhibition in the Manege, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Moscow artists ' Union, Valery Nikitin was awarded the I prize. P. p. Konchalovsky's best work in the exhibition ("Fish").

Credo of the artist expresses his poems:

And so off we go,

Unknown, hi,

And trancendent dal

And the hollowness of heaven, of the soul,

And the spirit pritsident

Love divine mark and milestone.

He currently lives and works in Moscow.


In 1968 participates in the exhibition of Moscow Union of artists youth section.

From 1976 – 1978 he participated in all exhibitions of the Moscow artists ' Union and Republican.

1976 - exhibition in the city of Dzhezkazgan (Kazakhstan)

1987 – Exhibition in the Moscow artists ' Union, Moscow.

1992 – personal exhibition in Central house of artists, Moscow

In the 1990-ies exhibited in the halls in Moscow, Germany, and France.

1993 – "Golden brush" international exhibition of the Committee on Culture. Moscow

1994 - UNESCO program. The Exhibition "Zonta Club". Paris. France

1995 - "Golden brush" international exhibition of the Committee on culture. Moscow.

Awarded a diploma.

1996 – exhibition of purchased V. Brant. Frankfurt. Germany.

2002-2003 – personal exhibition in the exhibition halls of the Union of Artists, Kuznetsk

Bridge, 20, Moscow.

2002-2003 – exhibition dedicated to the 70-th anniversary of Moscow Union of artists.

2003 – exhibition "World of Painting", CHA, Moscow.

2006. - A series of exhibitions of Moscow painters: "Traditions and search".

2007 - Personal exhibition. Moscow "corridor of life". Exhibition hall of Artists Union in Tverskaya-Yamskaya street,20, Moscow.


In 2003 was the publication of V. Mayland in the newspaper "September 1", "solar wind passing days." V. T. Nikitin is a series of "100 Russian artists".

"Directory Nikitin Valery Timofeevich" Moscow, 2007, in the gallery "konoser".

Work is represented in collections:

In America, Turkey, Korea, Germany, England, France, Israel and in private collections in Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan.

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