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George Grigorievich Nyssa
 Grigorievich Nyssa
Russia 1903−1987
Biography and information
Georgy Grigorievich Nissky (21 Jan 1903 — 18 Jun 1987) — Soviet painter, landscape painter, marine painter. One of the founders of the severe style in Soviet art 50−60s years. For contribution to the arts was awarded the Stalin prize II degree, and also awarded the order of red banner of Labor and various medals.

Features artist of Nyssa: the main direction of creative activities George G. was landscape painting. In his paintings appears before the audience not only nature in its pristine beauty, but also shows the beauty that nature brings to people with their work. Of Nyssa’s work, imbued with romanticism, a love for their land and simple people, better characterized by the opinion of the French painter albert Marquet, in 1934, visited the Moscow art museums and exhibitions. Marche noted that of all he had seen of works by the greatest impression he got from a cloth of a brush of Nyssa called "Autumn. Semaphores".

Famous works of Georgy Nissky: "Autumn. Semaphores", "Green road", "Moscow. Sorting", "Lineman", "Airfield", "black sea fleet", "On the tracks. May", "Volley", "Meeting", "Pushkin Square", "The Belarusian landscape".

Picture of Nyssa: the artistic sketches of the holidays and everyday

Childhood George was held at a small railway station in Mogilev province. Since then, his heart remained forever a special feeling for the large steel machines coming from afar and disappearing into the distance along the endless rails. With railway subjects began his artistic experiments are a novice painter of Nyssa, who was educated first at the art Academy of Gomel, and then in the Department of painting at the VKhUTEMAS.

Introduction in 1926 with the artistAlexander Deineka and participation in the activities of the Society of easel painters had on the creativity of George a significant impact. Nyssa is formed as a landscape painter: his paintings are full of lyrical images and dynamics, despite the overall simplicity. The trip to Novorossiysk in 1928, gave a new sound to the talent of the artist: enchanted beauty of the sea, George switches from industrial landscapes on the sea and creates a series of illustrations to literary works on the marine theme.

Frequent trips around the country gave the artist new experiences, which he then transferred to canvas. As he told the artist of Nyssa, a picture of "the far East" he drew from memory, after seeing a glimpse from the train window, the ridge of the hill with bristles forest and a small airfield with planes. Another picture — "Moscow nights" — was the result of an evening stroll on skis that George made almost daily.

Today the paintings of Nyssa allotted pride of place in such museums as Tretyakov gallery, Lviv art gallery, the Russian Museum, the Art Museum in Dnepropetrovsk, etc.
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George Grigorievich Nyssa. Interior
George Grigorievich Nyssa. Autumn motive
George Grigorievich Nyssa. October. Semaphore
George Grigorievich Nyssa. Reading
George Grigorievich Nyssa. Landscape with a church
George Grigorievich Nyssa. ?
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George Grigorievich Nyssa. Cityscape. Evening
George Grigorievich Nyssa. Sort Facility. Khovrino
George Grigorievich Nyssa. Icebergs
George Grigorievich Nyssa. Self-portrait
George Grigorievich Nyssa. River bank in autumn
George Grigorievich Nyssa. Moscow is coming soon
George Grigorievich Nyssa. ?
George Grigorievich Nyssa. Dmitrovsky gateway
George Grigorievich Nyssa. Early spring
George Grigorievich Nyssa. Albatross
George Grigorievich Nyssa. After the rain
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George Grigorievich Nyssa. On my way
On my way
1964, 154×141 cm
George Grigorievich Nyssa. On a fishing boat. The evening
On a fishing boat. The evening
60.5×81 cm
George Grigorievich Nyssa. Autumn. Semaphore
Autumn. Semaphore
George Grigorievich Nyssa. February. The suburbs
February. The suburbs
George Grigorievich Nyssa. Moscow. Dynamo.
Moscow. Dynamo.
George Grigorievich Nyssa. The Belarusian landscape
The Belarusian landscape
George Grigorievich Nyssa. Pushkin's square
Pushkin's square
George Grigorievich Nyssa. Moscow. Sorting
Moscow. Sorting
George Grigorievich Nyssa. Under The Muscovy
Under The Muscovy
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