Ivanovich Novikov

Russia • born in 1949

Member of the Union of artists of Russia since 1998. After graduating from the Moscow printing Institute and worked as senior art editor of the publishing Department of Prelogarithmic the Vologda oblast Executive Committee.

Through the hands of Viktor Ivanovich went and found the embodiment of the printing editions in the Vologda branch of Union of artists of Russia. This is the anniversary edition 400th anniversary of Arkhangelsk "Arkhangelsk Monuments of the North", a book of prose Cherepovets writer I. Bodrenkova "Footprints live", a book of stories by A. Ngalawa "Evenings on Galderia", artistic-printing of the 50th anniversary of V. I. Belov (poster, catalogue, invitation), commemorative catalogues, V. N. Korbakova. A. Panteleeva, E. S. Shevchenko, A. M. Shebunina.

The revival and preservation of traditions of ancestors, the study material and spiritual culture of the Slavs - is another facet of public activities of Viktor Ivanovich


Viktor is working hard with the youth. In 2000, the school No. 20 with the students of the 11th grade interviewed about the importance of traditions in modern society. The forces of the literary Association of the school of film "In the artist's Studio Novikov", presented at the regional competition.

V. Novikov - member of the conference on problems of Russian education, held in 2000 in the school № 15, which cooperates in the baseline programme of the Russian school.

In 2001 conducted a week-long seminar in children's and youth centre "Leader" for his work on the tapestry (decorative painting, working with color, practice sketching a tapestry) and constantly helps in the creation of cartoons-sketches of the tapestry for a children's Studio.

In July 2001, conducted 3-day classes but painting from life and a meaningful relation to nature with a trip to a summer camp for school reserve basketball team "Chevakata".

Viktor Ivanovich Novikov has the highest nose art education. Works in different techniques: fluent in watercolor, linocut, pencil drawing, is the author of tapestry "Kitezh-grad", "Gorodishche", "Butterfly" etc., is shown at the zonal exhibitions.

The artist has a well-developed sense of colour and decorative compositions. In recent years he worked on a series of "Vologda landscapes", "the Forgotten crafts".

Novikov V. I. the participant of regional, zonal, national exhibitions.

Viktor Novikov takes a proactive stance to promote a healthy lifestyle. Having passed professional courses germanovichi of dealcoholization by the method of G. A. Shichko at the all-Union Association Optimalist in Leningrad, in 1990, he founds and heads the city club of healthy life "Vologda Optimalist".

In 1990-1991, Novikov held 10 seminars about Vologda and 4 in Sokol LTP, in which 468 people were fiveday of alcohol dependence.

Viktor Ivanovich - person is very interesting, enthusiastic, hardworking, able to achieve results. In the Union of artists leads a large public work, being for several years Chairman of the audit Committee. In 2002 he was awarded the Honorary diploma of the Legislative Assembly of the Vologda region.

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