Petrovich Novikov

Russia • 1958−2002

Timur Petrovich Novikov (September 24, 1958, Leningrad — may 23, 2002, St. Petersburg) — Russian painter, founder of the St. Petersburg New Academy of fine Arts.

Born on 24 September 1958 in Leningrad.

In 1965 he went to school. He began to attend the circle drawing in of the pioneer Dzerzhinsky district of Leningrad.

1967 participates in the exhibition of children's drawings in new Delhi.

1969 Timur's family moves to a New land.

1972 Timur Novikov together with the family returned to Leningrad.

In 1973 he joined the Club of young art historians at the State Russian Museum.

1976 enters the Club of young art lovers in the Hermitage. Writes her first picture. Together with a friend by Kotelnikova creates ensemble "Monsters".

In 1977 he entered the art group "Chronicle". The group participates in their first apartment exhibition.

1978 Novikov performs his first curatorial project. He leases space in the former Church. Cyril and Methodius, which organises creative workshops.

2 June 1978 opening of the apartment exhibitions in the workshops. This exhibition was dispersed by the police, and she turned into a street.

1980 Novikov opens the gallery "ASSA" in a private shared flat. In the gallery is the "I Biennale of portraits of Timur Novikov". The gallery ceased to exist in 1987

1982 Timur Novikov creates the group "New artists". First the band: E. Kozlov, I. Sotnikov, Khazanovich, Kotelnikov, the Deputy foreign Minister.

In 1983 he organized a musical avant-garde group "New composers", from the same year he began to collaborate with the orchestra "Popular mechanics" Sergey Kuryokhin contemporary arts center, and also worked with a group of "Cinema" as the designer of the concerts.

1985 creates the Academy.

1987 works as an artist and actor in the film "AssA".

December 1988 Novikov opens the Free University. University professors: Sergei Kuryokhin, Timur Novikov, Novikov, B. Yukhananov.

1989 the Academy was renamed the New Academy of fine Arts.

1990, Novikov's works first exhibited in the Russian Museum.

1990, Novikov together with Sergey Bugaev Africa, Irena Kuksenaite, Olesya Turkina and Viktor Mazin established the magazine "Cabinet"

1997 Timur seriously ill during a trip to new York. As a result of illness Novikov was blind. But despite this, after leaving the hospital continues to lead the New Academy. Lectures at St. Petersburg state University and other institutions of the city.

1998 publishes the newspaper "Artistic will".

1999 Timur Novikov together with Marusia Klimova St. Petersburg organizes a festival of decadence "Dark night".

May 23, 2002, Timur Novikov died. Buried at the Smolensk cemetery in St. Petersburg.

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